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Rocket's don't fire out of the gun in a way you'd expect

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    [BUG] Rocket's don't fire out of the gun in a way you'd expect

    There is something off with the rocket launcher fire and it's been there for a long long time. When you fire a primary rocket it feels as if the rocket spawns and shoots behind your player model, instead of from the gun. It's impossible to get a good feel and practice the gun when it behaves like this. I can honestly say after over a year of playing the alpha my RL hasn't improved at all, and I'd consider myself a fairly high tier player.

    Another issue with the RL is that it hits the ground before it should depending on where you point your xhair. Another thing I've noticed is if you aim upwards with the RL on a vertical slope often the rocket clips the ground and results in a suicide, or when dodging fast around a corner and trying to aim a precise rocket it will clip. The rocket feels huge and way too big for the gameplay.

    Could Epic please have a look at these things and try to fix them as its resulting in randomness and frustration in nw play and would result in a nicer play testing experience. ( These issues aren't apparent with Wails trident version of the RL so it should be fixable )

    It's been discussed in another thread or two. I've certainly noticed it as well. I've heard the rocket hit box is pretty big, that probably doesn't help, but I've heard that it has to do with the rocket spawning lower than your cross hair.

    I am quite adept with rockets, and hated the UT3 cross hair for it, and when I finally got my pointer back, was frustrated to find it was off, so I still miss by the same direction, just by a slightly lesser margin.
    Originally posted by Mysterial
    An instant hit, accurate, instant kill weapon is overpowered. There's no skill ceiling. It's limited only by the shooter's accuracy. It also severely impairs the defensive side of the game - ignoring ping, it is nearly irrelevant what your opponent does - click the right pixel and you win. Even non-instant kill instant hit weapons are often problematic - the Shock Rifle example is obvious before even getting to other games.


      I think there is a delay on each rocket that comes out. It makes it an interesting mechanic when firing 3 rockets - as you can choose to keep them together or spread them out with your aim. The problem I find is the first one has that delay and it felt awkward for some time - I'm used to it now, but it definitely has an effect. The 3 rocket delay also causes suicides as you dodge back behind the wall too
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