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    [PROTOTYPE] my solution for Impact Hammer AltFire

    hi guys, i've thought about how to improve secondary impact hammer a lot and finally come up with a solution i'm really convinced of and which imo is quite addictive.

    it's pretty simple: all it does is adding a slipstream effect to the shock wave.
    e.g. if you're shooting it into the same direction you're dodging to, it adds some nice acceleration. if you then add a slide to that dodge while you're still close to that shockwave, you can improve the length of this move. the slipstream effect even affects slide.

    the shockwave still destroys projectiles... you'll basically have to decide whether you want to escape as fast as possible or defend youself.
    additionally you don't want to use it as a standard travelling tool since you'd have to switch to another weapon as soon as an opponent appears. but it feels great to have that option, especially on large maps like spacer.

    it even adds some vertical speed, but it's very weak. e.g. it's possible to get on double damage crates on deck with it, but really hard to time your "jump + shockwave" in order to do that. "walldodge + shockwave" is another option here. but the best option would still be a simple walldodge... you wouldn't have to switch weapons.

    it definitely needs some finetuning, just wanted to share the basic concept of it. you will experience a slight push when firing it while standing still. this is because the force affects you for a short moment while the shockwave is close to you. maybe i should add some kind of activation delay.
    btw: i haven't made any changes to already existing features of the impact hammer, i think they could need some finetuning aswell though.

    edit: removed link, i'm off this forum
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