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Idea for the PERFECT new weapon

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    Idea for the PERFECT new weapon

    I don't know if many of you ever played Marathon (1,2, infinity), but that is where Halo comes from. The Plasma Pistol (Fusion Pistol) the multi-barrel rocket launcher, assault rifle, Mjolnir armor, etc it's the same.

    By far the most satisfying weapon in that game was the WSTE-M Shotgun(s).

    Sawed off, double barrel, lever-action shotguns...

    This is a ****ty video as far as showing them off goes, but you get the idea. TERRIBLE at any long ranges, but perfect up close.


    Just for reference: Fusion Pistol

    The WSTE-M Shotguns were cool, but I'm not sure they're the 'perfect' new weapons. Probably need a unique twist to fit well into Unreal.
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      I don't know. Shotguns aren't particularly Unreal, and the Flak Cannon already fills the spot of "point blank range instagib gun".