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Rockets / Stinger Questions and Thoughts

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    Rockets / Stinger Questions and Thoughts

    If this is the wrong forum I apologize and if there's a thread I missed again I apologize but I searched and didn't see anything similar.

    Been playing the pre-alpha pretty much exclusively the past two weeks. First off, I'm loving it and I'm looking forward to seeing how everything progresses and the final product / player base.



    1. Is it just me or is the splash damage incredibly weak compared to previous installments? I feel like sometimes it can take 3-4 rockets blowing up right below someones feet to kill them even when they don't have armor or anything.

    2. Direct hits seem to do the same amount of damage as in the past, and maybe I'm just bad now but it seems like the rockets don't fire directly from the center of the crosshair and it makes it kinda awkard to land direct hits / air rockets which is necessary to really be effective with the weaker splash damage.


    1. With the movement speed as is I feel like the stinger does way too much damage. I've encountered situations more times than I count in UT4 where I'm trying to get close to flack an opponent or am bouncing them around with rockets and they are able to just hold mouse1 over me and I die super quick. I realize that the gun isn't meant to be useless and the devs are probably trying to make every weapon viable other than rockets, flack, shock rifle but I feel like the damage it deals plus the way the movement is in the game makes it slightly OP.

    Anyone else agree with any of these sentiments?

    Also, shameless plug, to the dev's please think about releasing this on Steam. It will do wonders for the playerbase and visibility of the game once it goes live and you can certainly still offer a stand-alone client for those that are simply against Steam or any kind of DRM. I'm afraid that it will remain a niche title with a small community unless it is released on Steam. Unfortunately in 2015 and beyond UT doesn't hold the name recognition that something like Call of Duty/Battlefield do or that it once did in the late 90's and early 00's. I really want this game to succeed. Look at something like Titanfall for instance, it had a huge amount of hype and marketing as well as name recognition from Jason West and Vince Zampella but is still pretty much dead. I think that's directly related to the game being on Origin only and not on Steam. There's probably hundreds of thousands of gamers if not more who will refuse to buy anything that isn't on Steam or simply uses Origin or another client. Even if you would like to keep the current Epic games launcher AT LEAST put it on Steam and do like Ubisoft does with their games where it launches uPlay out of Steam. (Which is terrible, imo, but still better than nothing) Plus I really liked the Steam integration with UT3 Titan Pack though that would mean no stand-alone which alienates some players albeit a very tiny percentage.