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Acid Charger (as a Bio Rifle replacement)

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    Acid Charger (as a Bio Rifle replacement)

    I've been thinking about the Bio Rifle as I personally think it's a waste of a weapon slot. It's under-used and really is just a frustration in the game - nobody likes to die from it and it also feels like there is a lot of luck involved in it's usage.

    So I wondered why it was actually put into the game and I believe it's for:
    1. "Back in the Game" - When your opponent is maxed out armour and kicking your ***... a well placed bio load levels the playing field. It's hard to hit, but does more damage than any of the normal weapons.
    2. Utility - Dropping a bio load for someone to walk onto or to protect something (in a very basic way) such as a flag or weapon. Even with this it just slows the enemy down by 1 shot

    So I thought about how we could replace it and my idea is the "Acid Charger".

    The Alt Fire blows out a ball of acid out of the upper chamber. It fires in a similar way to the Flak shell, but more horizontal. When this hits it does a max 40 impact damage and covers the enemy in acid. It then also burns through armour at 40 HP per second for 3 seconds before fading away by the 4th second. It has a slow (1 second-ish) fire rate. The point of this gun is to erode armour/shield away, but doesn't do a great deal of damage to health. It's also a damage over time - I think the only weapon that does this.

    The Primary Fire is on the lower chamber and sends out an electrified beam (similar to the Link Alt Fire) in a blue/white colour, but it does 30% less damage. The big thing here is that if you hit somebody that has been splattered by the alt fire for more than 55 damage the acid gets charged and they explode for another 50 damage.

    This means on a person with 100 health, you can knock them down to 60 health with an alt fire and then chase them down with the primary beam to explode them at 5 health. Against someone with the shield belt, your full Alt Fire ticks them down over 4 seconds and if you manage to get your 55 damage with the primary fire they'll explode. It's no instant kill but a direct Alt Fire on you makes you very vulnerable to the primary - making the person in armour/belt consider whether to fight or flee. It also allows the attacker to decide whether to allow the armour to erode or go in for the charged blast.

    With those damage rates it wouldn't be over-powered in comparison to the likes of the Flak or Link Gun, but would bring an interesting mechanic to the game.

    It also brings in considerations for team play - e.g. with two players attacking with the same weapon - one trying to land acid and the other charging.

    You could also use it positively - perhaps a friendly beam on someone tagged with an acid ball could neutralize it and stop the armour corroding effect.

    I had a go at creating this in Unreal Editor but just ended up crashing the editor several times

    I think it's a viable weapon that could be tweaked to balance it with other weapons and still add something new to the game. What do you think?
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