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Enforcer is OP in TDM

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    Enforcer is a gun, guns are inaccurate on long distances so dmg should stay as it is, maybe nerf range accuracy(maybe), if it is indeed too strong. I personally think it's fine!


      Enforcer is completely retarded in Duel, not only TDM.

      It does way too much damage for a starter weapon and the rate of fire is too quick. One or the other has to be lowered. There is significant danger in dying in Duel after killing someone even if you're at 100 health, the damage and rate of fire are so high that if you're not careful you can get obliterated very quickly off a spawn.

      In regards to TDM, I had a teammate for many scrims that wouldn't even bother getting a weapon on Temple or Chill, he'd run around chasing people and just Enforcer them to death. What was the outcome you ask? He'd be near the top in kills and have a ton of deaths, the fact he can have near the highest kills just with a STARTING WEAPON is absurd and this is versus the best NA players in TDM at the time.

      The real challenge we have with this game is veterans are able to abuse the shiz out of OP weapons where as beginners and moderate players don't know or have the experience to do the same. Until you've been mowed down consistently by an Enforcer or barraged by spam rockets 20 feet from you, you may think things are fine and dandy.
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        Originally posted by RøOk!e View Post
        Enforcer is completely retarded in Duel, not only TDM.
        Definitelly, I would like to share funny/sad video which presents how much op is this weapon.
        Two high skilled EU players, I wanna emphasize, that one of those prefer to use enforcer than shock primary (he changed it while fight).

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          Enforcer needs to have perfect precision, inflict weak damage (6-8 bodyshots to kill) and let players inflict headshots (3-4 headshots to kill). With perfect accuracy, the Enforcer would feel much more satisfying to use even if it's weak. And headshot damage multiplier would help balance the weapon, make it one of the hardest weapons to master, but make it also extremely rewarding for those who can use it and land those headshots frequently enough.

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            That statistical analysis is very poor.

            There is no direct link between the Enforcer being overpowered and the statistics that are shown here.

            If anything it shows poor coding, poor level design and poor server management.

            • - Players spawn by default with an enforcer (Time with Enforcer Equipped > any other pickup)
            • - too many people are playing a DM map (e.g 10 people on a recommended 1v1 map)
            • - Weapons are not correctly laid out and spawning is an issue (spawn near where you die, same spawn 5 times in a row by the bio-rifle etc, too much activity in one map area)

            As for every other comment; it seems the topic has shifted from statistical analysis to personal thoughts about the enforcer in general.
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