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[WIP] UT4 Balance mod - Weapons/scale/movement

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    [PROTOTYPE] [WIP] UT4 Balance mod - Weapons/scale/movement

    Hi Guys,


    I've decided for the movement to be a rough copy of UT99, the main reason for this being that it's been nearly 2 years and no one has been able to come up with a movement template as good, or even remotely close to being good.

    There are some other reasons for this like removing the ice-skate strafe fest from the game and needing to balance out hitscan, other than this the UT1 movement feels extremely good in the engine.

    For scale i've decided on a scale relative to 2.19 of UT1, this matches up fairly well with the movement we have in UT4(with some notable exceptions like run speed) and also lets me port some test maps to 2.187 which allows for better grid alignment.

    For the weapons, i've been through them all and i can see where most of the imbalances lie, i'll try not to make too many changes on the first draft and tweak it from there, should work ok.


    The focus will be on weapons and the end view is to balance out the movement, player scale and all of the weapons for a better playing experience.

    Right now it's basically just myself and a few other guys providing feedback, i'll post updates and videos here prior to testing and hope to get as much feedback as possible.

    Some initial ideas on weapons;

    Reduce the hit radius of all weapons so that you can't "clip" players and still have this be a hit, weapons need to either hit or miss and only splash or radius damage weapons should forgive missing
    Bring the distance some weapons are fired from the player back, some weapons like flak and rockets are in particular need of this

    Reduce Pri rate of fire slightly
    Increase Pri damage to 50-60
    Increase Secondary rate of fire
    Reduce ball speed
    Reduce visible shock ball radius and possibly the explosion radius
    Tweak shock combo damage to make it deadly but only at close ranges

    Remove trail
    Tweak sounds
    Increase rate of fire
    Increase headshot damage to 150
    Remove bonuses for stopped and zoomed headshots making head hitbox even at all times

    Reduce shards to 8
    Reduce flak spread
    Try to randomise flak spread a bit more(if i can figure out how)
    Reduce speed of Pri
    Increase damage attenuation of Pri(less damage the further it goes)
    Reduce the speed of the flak shell so that it falls to the ground sooner, this creates a steeper arc and slower ball at range

    Reduce Rocket speed
    Reduce or remove excessive visual effects
    Reduce grenade speed
    Increase grenade spread
    Reduce rocket size

    Player height 170
    Player width 83

    I'll need players of similar skill levels to each other for duel play testing once the initial changes are made, if anyone has any specific suggestions for any weapons or movement changes please let me know or post here

    If anyone wants to help contribute, either by testing or through UE4 then let me know

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    Not sure about how you implemented thus far, so not sure of level of effort required to facilitate this request.

    Could you make it such that the person setting up the mod has all the game play elements as sliders / text boxes?

    This way everyone could test a set of settings and contribute back.

    Another feature would be A way to export the differences from the current standard would be useful.
    Another crazy idea brought to you by richardboegli ;P


      Agree with some of this but I'd say this would make Sniper and Shock way too powerful. IMO:

      Shock - stays the same as now but 2% slower core, 2-3% smaller combo radius. Cores have single point collision for players (same as the collision for environments) but a 20-30% larger splash damage radius. (Prevents people spamming cores and forces them to aim them at the ground like rockets for splash)

      Sniper - 60 damage and same fire rate as current build, no HS hitbox change depending on whether you're moving or not. Sounds might need tweaking but I think the trail should be left alone.

      Flak - for primary, remove center shard, same or slightly larger spread as current build, HEAVILY increase damage attenuation, 10-20% fire rate increase. (Should make it more reliable and require quicker aiming) Secondary shell - same speed as now, but more "vertical" arc. Single point collision for less easy direct hits, which should do 100 damage + shoot some shrapnel in the same direction the shell was flying in (not upwards like they do now). Possibly slightly higher splash damage as well.

      Rockets - slower speed, possibly with acceleration. Slightly higher splash damage. Single point collision obviously. Stolid's sticky 3-packs for secondary. No grenades (moved to Bio Rifle). Visible smoke trail. (Should make them easier to dodge, especially if they start out really slow and then accelerate to a faster speed)

      Scale - no idea what I think about that. Would have to try out in-game or at least see pictures comparing it.

      Movement - latest version of Stolid's movement prototype.
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        Originally posted by Barktooth View Post
        Agree with some of this but I'd say this would make Sniper and Shock way too powerful.
        This ---^

        Sniper and shock barely need any changes in comparison to the other weapons. Also I don't think the flak ball arc needs changing, just the damage reduced to 100 (with no rng shard bs pls)


          100 for flak ball ??? It s much more difficult to hit a flak ball than a rocket that is 100 damage. 140 damage at least.
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            It used to do 100 base damage, and very rarely did above (up to 190) so probably averaged at about 110 damage which is a number I'd be happy with. The current 160 damage is ridiculous and I can't see 140 being any different. Also I'd argue that rockets should do less than 100 so flak would still be higher.


              I agree with Flikswich, current flak ball damage is just ridiculous. In my opinion should be around 110-115 for direct hit.

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                OK you don't like flak ball. But a direct flak is so rare compared to direct rocket. 110 ? 130, this is my last word.
                Cunni, 37 years old, 16 years of UT, 90% CTF, 10% Duel
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                  I'd disagree on that, I hit and get hit by direct flak balls all the time, it's made even worse when you can spam them over obstacles towards choke points or items and fairly often get a direct hit. A gun that is designed for close range shouldn't have the capability do take off a max armour and then some without even having line of sight in my opinion.


                    It's not that we don't like it, 160 is just a way too high. In close distance flak ball direct shot is as often as rocket direct shot. I have fresh in mind, situation from few days ago, where I died three times in a row from flak ball direct hits. Everytime I had more than 100 hp :/
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                      I thought around 10 minutes how comment this movie, but... this is just n/c "flak" says everything.

                      Basically we have only two balanced weapons right now: sniper rifle and shock rifle (which still needs minor tweaks, more ammo for example). Every other weapon is less or more op. Unfortunatelly, from unknown reason sniper will be nerfed in the next build...
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                      Polish community DISCORD server: Join us if you are Polish and let's play some 4v4


                        I use the Flack and rockets if i want to win,but the other weapons are for fun.


                          IMO direct hits being so easy with both rockets and flak secondary are ruining the game. While intentional direct mid-air hits take prediction skill you can also randomly spam projectiles in the general direction of your enemy and get hits fairly often. This doesn't take much skill, if you are in close range you are basically guaranteed a hit if you look in the right direction and click. Splash damage should be the main way to do damage with both rockets and flak secondary.

                          One of the first tips you can give to a newbie in any arena FPS is to aim their rockets at the ground. Well, in UT4 that tip would be useless, they'll probably be better off spamming rockets directly at someone.


                            You need to adjust to the game and stop complaining, this isn't UT99.



                              Direct hit with flak can't be as easy as with rocket. Rocket are faster and have a direct trajectory. Damage can't be the same.
                              Cunni, 37 years old, 16 years of UT, 90% CTF, 10% Duel
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