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[WIP] UT4 Balance mod - Weapons/scale/movement

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    A lot of good ideas guys, especially the accelerating rockets UT1 rockets don't seem to fire at full speed either, was wondering about that...

    The flak ball arc is an easy fix as are some of the others listed, visual changes will take a lot more effort on my part unless someone with more experience wants to join up

    I'll need to change the collision radius per weapon once they've been playtested more but most need lowering to make them less forgiving if you miss by small amounts

    The scale affects the weapons directly, i want to use Stolids or something similar as a base movement - decreasing scale will make hitscan less effective and help balance them out

    The idea is to have powerful yet situational weapons which require a degree of accuracy, approximate spam should be much less effective

    I've gone through a lot of the settings i want to change, will look at it again in the next build

    I also want to try my hand at the animations, they basically **** right now, especially the hunched stances, the run stance and the hopping "dodges" - won't promise any flips lol but if i can figure the animations out i'll try and make it more like UT1, simpler and cleaner(but not realistic, which works better imo)


      Originally posted by tigerclaw View Post
      Hi Guys,

      So i've started working on tweaks for an overall game play balance mod. The focus will be on weapons and the end view is to balance out the movement, player scale and all of the weapons for a better playing experience.

      Right now it's basically just myself and a few other guys providing feedback, i'll post updates and videos here prior to testing and hope to get as much feedback as possible.

      Some initial ideas on weapons;

      Reduce the hit radius of all weapons so that you can't "clip" players and still have this be a hit, weapons need to either hit or miss and only splash or radius damage weapons should forgive missing
      Bring the distance some weapons are fired from the player back, some weapons like flak and rockets are in particular need of this

      Reduce Pri rate of fire slightly
      Increase Pri damage to 50-60
      Increase Secondary rate of fire
      Reduce ball speed
      Reduce visible shock ball radius and possibly the explosion radius
      Tweak shock combo damage to make it deadly but only at close ranges

      Remove trail
      Tweak sounds
      Increase rate of fire
      Increase headshot damage to 150
      Remove bonuses for stopped and zoomed headshots making head hitbox even at all times

      Reduce shards to 8
      Reduce flak spread
      Try to randomise flak spread a bit more(if i can figure out how)
      Reduce speed of Pri
      Increase damage attenuation of Pri(less damage the further it goes)
      Reduce the speed of the flak shell so that it falls to the ground sooner, this creates a steeper arc and slower ball at range

      Reduce Rocket speed
      Reduce or remove excessive visual effects
      Reduce grenade speed
      Increase grenade spread
      Reduce rocket size

      Player height 80-87(half height)
      Player width 34-38(half height)

      I won't go into the rest of the weapons and what minor or major tweaks might be useful until i've made these base changes for testing. For an idea of what i mean by reducing visuals see this video, it took me a few minutes of tweaking to get the shock combo visuals down to a more reasonable level, if anything it's too small and low key now and could use some changes the other way, but it's just an example.

      I'll need players of similar skill levels to each other for duel play testing once the initial changes are made, if anyone has any specific suggestions for any weapons or movement changes please let me know or post here

      If anyone wants to help contribute, either by testing or through UE4 then let me know

      Your weapon ideas are absolutely terrible IMO.
      Would never ever play it.



        Quick update at the top, here's a video showing the movement i have so far

        There are a few things to sort out and you also see it with the landing heigh adjustment animations which look pretty sh*tty.

        Missed a lot of easy stuff(mainly) due to frame drops but you get the idea

        ATM i'm waiting for the new build to come out and have ported in some UT1 maps to test on, there shouldn't be an issue in using UT4 maps to test with, i've tried on a few of the existing maps and whilst some feel different(esp with the lower run speed) they're all still playable

        The movement scale i've used matches in very closely to UT4, there are a few differences like the run speed/accel/decel being much lower, the jump height being higher and the dodge being slower

        The BP player height is stuck, so the final movement asset will be from a slightly higher POV and will look a little faster as a result, as it is the movement is a pleasure to use


          Looks good. Did you remove wall running?

          We'll get this on the bloodbath dallas hub for testing once it's ready.


            I didn't but if i can figure out how then i will

            New build is out guys and it's... untested(best word i can think of right now), i'll start working on my mod tomorrow after work, hopefully will have something ya'll can play in the next few weeks
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              I'd be interested in trying this out in a pug or two.

              Come play CTF and Elimination Pick Up Games (PUGS) with us at: . You can also go to Hope to see you all there!


                [MENTION=5674]tigerclaw[/MENTION] any updates?


                  Originally posted by cafe
                  [MENTION=7008]Barktooth[/MENTION] he's banned
                  Wow WTF.. didn't notice the text under his name. I don't see any bad posts in his post history, why was he banned?


                    Originally posted by Barktooth View Post

                    Wow WTF.. didn't notice the text under his name. I don't see any bad posts in his post history, why was he banned?
                    Ye, wtf did happen here? He got frustrated and said some nasty things? The latest video had nice movement and feel to it. Also by looking at his posts, it looks like he really wanted to contribute by making UT4 better. It looks that much of the community development has ended..