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    Huh, interesting.

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    Originally posted by GreatEmerald View Post
    Visually, I mean Most sources I can find show pretty much the same model for both...
    I think they were just different ammo types for the same weapon, I cant actually remember exactly though.

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    Originally posted by Wormbo View Post
    One launches grenades, the other launches globs of goo?
    Visually, I mean Most sources I can find show pretty much the same model for both...

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    One launches grenades, the other launches globs of goo?

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    Thanks, that's a very nice set! The Shock Rifle certainly looks awesome in UC2

    Also, what's the difference between the Grenade Launcher and the Bio Rifle?..
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    Natkhi Scorpions

    Liandri Rivot Gun


    Shock Rifle

    Sniper Rifle


    Grenade Launcher

    Rocket Launcher

    Flak Cannon

    Here we go, just some UC2 references I had collected
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    Added all the UC2 items from the wiki, but as you can see details are scarce. I'd welcome any additions or corrections here from those who have played UC2!

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    My picks:

    Unreal/UT - AutoMag
    Unreal/UT - Sniper Rifle
    Unreal - Eightball/Terran Rocket Launcher (RL's with character)
    Unreal - Terran Grenade Launcher (so much power, so sick!! almost as sick as GoldenEye N64's GL )
    UT - Chainsaw

    If we can't have them all at once, at least let them be mutators/weapon configs.

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    Looking at the UC2 article on LA, it's really scarce on information. I think the UC2 website had a much better explanation for all that, but it's gone together with Midway :\ Is there really nobody that could make a list like that for the UC2 weapons?

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    Ah I would love to see Chaos Mod wether new or old return. Especially those mines and their evil laugh.

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    There's still lot's of weapons missing from ChaosUT, which comes in the GOTY edition of UT99

    Proximity mines
    - Little grenades with an evil smile on them
    - Slowly jumps around the map seeking players (you can easily outrun them). Detonates if touches them (smart little mofos)
    - Alt-fire throws them a little farther, but they won't land on their small feet (takes a little time for them to stand up and start jumping)
    - Evil laughter indicates their presence
    - Unlike the spider mines, these are not limited to the area where they have been thrown. They wander around the map, jumping.

    The Claw
    - A large claw
    - No alt-fire. Fire mode depends on ammunition used
    - Could be used to pick players eyes out (Eww!)
    - Could be used to launch Proximity Mines!
    - Could be used to launch flack shells (in ball form)

    Grappling Hook
    - More like grappling belt. No weapon switch necessary.
    - Grabs onto walls and ceilings
    - Can pull you up, let you hang around (while using your weapon)

    Chaos Vortex
    - Superweaon
    - An increasingly bigger vortex pulling everyone in a relatively wide area in, instantly killing them.
    - You could send yourself on an orbiting path around the vortex with good maneuvers, escaping death
    - Activates very close to player after throwing it

    Chaos Sniper Rifle
    - Non-hitscan version of sniper rifle (fast traveling projectiles)
    - 2 types of ammunition: heavy and reflective
    - heavy round instakill players and pierce through them, without dmg loss(very OP)
    - reflective rounds ricocheted off walls and players

    Chaos Crossbow
    - relatively fast traveling projectile weapon
    - Alt-fire is sniper scope
    - long reload time
    - 3 types of ammunition: normal, poison, explosive
    - Normal bolts are the fastest, do medium damage, can Headshot, staggers the player for a short moment
    - Poison bolts are only a little bit slower than normal, cannot Headshot, staggers and slows down enemies by 90%, does continuous damage
    - Explosive bolts are the slowest, instakill enemies, has splash damage (I think it's also a bit stronger than rocket launcher, to compensate reload time)

    - Deployable using beacon launcher, large turrets with dual cannons
    - Needs suitable place to deploy, otherwise beacons go to waste
    - 2 types of LIMITED ammunition: rocket, energy
    - Rockets are slightly faster than rocket launcher's rockets, fires rapidly
    - Energy ammunition is used for Shock Ball. Fires rapidly at high speed.
    - Player can command turret to hold-fire or switch ammunition type.
    - Player can reload the turret with energy and rockets by going close to it.
    - Rockets are coming from rocket launcher ammo
    - Energy comes from shock rifle and Link/Pulse Gun ammunition
    - Shooting it turned the turret against you until your next respawn

    ******* Sword
    - melee weapon
    - Alt-fire sets the sword in a blocking position (doesn't block sword attacks though). Can reflect sniper rounds (you have to face the enemy with extreme precision)
    - Primary fire swings the weapon. Does about 40 dmg.

    - Ability, no weapon switch needed
    - You can kick anything from players to weapons on the ground.
    - Does no damage

    - Self-destruction ability
    - Needs at least 10 rockets
    - Creates a relatively big explosion, killing you and mostly anything around you

    While most of these don't add anything to a competitive shooter, they're still insanely fun to fool around with.

    EDIT: LOL why does this website censor the word B A L L S in Shock *****? I understand why it censors b4st4rd in the swords name though
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    Originally posted by PrimeIcarian View Post
    Well, you can find all UC2 weapons in Liandri Archives too!
    But not the notes on whether the weapon was useful or balanced. That's important information when creating new weapons, after all.

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    Well, you can find all UC2 weapons in Liandri Archives too!
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    I now added clickable links to Liandri Archives so you could easily see how they look like.

    Also, I totally forgot the Shock Lance somehow, so now it's added as well.

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    Originally posted by MonsOlympus View Post
    UC2 has some pretty cool weapons actually
    I know, I just need a list of them in the same style as I wrote in the first post!

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