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    How about Mercury Missiles or other Descent-style weapons?

    (sorry about the quality, it's an old video)

    I can also offer a Super Sheep, but it probably wouldn't quite fit with the style of the game.
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      Originally posted by Wormbo View Post
      I can also offer a Super Sheep, but it probably wouldn't quite fit with the style of the game.
      You wouldn't be Wormbo if you didn't suggest that

      That actually reminds me of the Nyan Cat Redeemer :3
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        Funny thread that I randomly discover only today. Considering the whole weapon creativity in FPS, there is a few games worth to mention also mods with creative weapons in there.

        People mentioned Chaos UT, but for me the one who had the staple on creativity was Unreal 4 ever, lots of references to past FPS, unreal itself and movies with a few completely original weapons, then we have also the fun nali weapons with its elemental rooster, cap'n ctf, legacy (even if it's mainly SP) neocairo (which also included a ton of vehicles as well), foodfight
        Small mods such as Weapon lord, apocalypse weapons and psi weapon dreams, fart match, rockets ut, strangelove

        Also some of these mods had sequels in later UT games, but also I would like to mention ballistic weapons in UT2004 who have a couple of original stuff even is most of the weapons are mostly standard, there is original ones too. I think there is also arkon weapons, gunreal.

        I was a bit disappointed that in later UT games (and that's not only UT who suffered from that) there was less original weapon mods and too much mods about realism (past and present) or realistic sci fi actually.

        While I think UT shouldn't be about a too "cartoonesque" stuff for the game itself, for mods however I think that would be refreshing mostly considering how most mods are about.

        We got nyan cats, super sheeps, smileys, etc...

        If people wants to do crazy things they can go ahead, I think they will find their public because there is practically nothing in that area.
        In sci fi imaginary stuff we got a lot in the late 90's and some in the early 2000's and then some come back is going on because some of us (if not most are tired of the "realistic" shooter formula)

        Personally we can also list weapons that are from mods even non unreal mods, games and so on to see what's been here and even what we can create.
        I know that there is less room for creativity now because there is a lot that have been created these past years.
        Also I think using some 2d shooters and 3rd person shooters as a reference could be a nice addition considering the fact that some of these games have unique weapons that never crossed between genres for some reason...


          I would quite like something akin to the original Unreal Razor Jack be introduced - certainly with its decapitation animation, though I also liked to make good use of the fact that you can shoot behind corners with it in many instances. (That was pretty much my first thought when I saw the empty spot in the training hall.)

          (I also feel that I liked the Unreal Stinger as Stinger better than I like the minigun by the same name, in spite of the Stinger's debatable shortcomings as a weapon (not too good against Skaarj, Sliths, no problem) - the later Stinger Minigun is ... well, it feels mostly just like the Minigun, with very little Stinger to it.)


            Considering the high demand for the saw blade weapon, I think it might come in a way or an other.

            Other than that some games had also the balls to still provide original weapons which are melee and ranged and not being necessarily magic.
            As I like to say I like the fact that epic brought some original weapons to the series and other games that aren't in the unreal franchise.

            Though I made a thread suggestion for people to comment and suggest stuff in there


              Someone HAS to make a model of Eightball_'s minigun for the game! Reason being, there's currently a new minigun implemented IN the game!

              EDIT: Whoops, sorry, wrong thread.