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Out with the Impact Hammer/Shieldgun, in with the Power Smash move.

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    Originally posted by spectral View Post
    Boots are no more unfair than any other powerup, like double damage. The ability to use it depends on map-control skills. And you only have 3 jumps anyway.
    Although i must say i don't like the boots as well, because you have to restrain from jumping to save these 3 jumps for the right time.
    This wasn't a big deal in UT3 because the boots only activated on double jump.

    With double jump being out, there becomes no disadvantage to making the jump boots only activate when double jumping, this way, you don't have to worry about saving your jumps, you can still jump and mantle at will and double jump on command.

    So this fixes that.


      Originally posted by garuDa View Post
      I would like to see a move that uses your fists to smash the floor and causes you to fly up in the air with similar effects of the Impact hammer/Shieldgun jump at max charge.
      You dont have to switch to a weapon , you simply hold the "power smash" button (shift perhaps), on release you execute and immediately switch to your previous weapon.
      Once hitting the power smash button you quickly charge your fists (takes up to 1.5 seconds max) then release it on the floor to make a similar jump like the impact hammer/shieldgun at full charge.

      You can also punch enemy's in the face with it but it does less damage then the impact hammer/shieldgun or you could like instakill a guy out of the blue.
      Once you press the power smash button the character will make a roar so you know when to expect a punch at least .
      It will be at the cost of some health ofcourse or the move will be abused.

      A move like this could speed up the game alot imo. You could close a gap really quickly or jump to higher grounds faster.

      There's nothing wrong about a little superhuman strength imo, its Unreal after all .
      Everyone is coming at this all wrong -- this is essentially exactly the same as the Impact Hammer -- it's a model switch.

      I see nothing wrong with it -- in terms of animation, the guy doesn't have to crouch or anything -- he can just shoot a puff of air/energy like a kinetic energy blast to pop himself into the air, make the range on the ki blast the same as the impact hammer and you essentially just changed the model of the impact hammer with a fancy future boxing glove.

      I'm for punching people in the face, a full charge still has to be instagib, just like a full charge always was with the impact hammer -- it should also allow you to punch peoples heads off with the headshot notifier -- it should only be possible on a full charge which is instagib anyway, so hitting the head, would just provide you with a sweet way to explode their face for extra style.

      Punch or not, style headshots with the impact hammer should totally exist for the full charged instagib hit [whereby, not hitting the head explodes their whole body, hitting the head, just explodes their head, like a sniper round from UT 99.]

      I don't think making it off hand works because that quasi removes the secondary/tertiary functions.

      I'd still like to see the following THREE functions for the impact hammer glove:

      Primary -> Kinetic Energy Punch [used for melee/impact jumping/stealing powerups]
      Secondary -> Kinetic Distortion Wave: Pushes rockets/grenades back ala UT '99s alt fire on the impact hammer
      Tertiary [Pick Up] -> Kinetic Shield: An on map pickup -- Primary and Secondary Fire Held makes a shield between your hands that has ~60 hitpoints and provides a 50% damage reduction, when it's hit points reach 0 [1 sniper shot, 2 shock primaries, 3 enforcer shots] it breaks, when it's broken it needs to be picked up again]

      The animations for the punch could be a glowing fist that gets brighter until it's fully charged. When released, shoots out a Red/Blue/Golden [Team/FFA] energy wave from your punch, the hit box would be hitscan, the same as the Impact Hammer, with the same range too. It also steals powerups from other players. Punch a guy with U Damage, you get U Damage.

      The secondary shoots out a clear ripple distortion affect from your palm.

      The tertiary holds the green tinted force field between your two hands.

      The weapon renamed "Kinetic Energy Gloves."

      It's exactly the impact hammer from UT 99 both primary and secondary, with UT3's power stealing ability added to is primary, while having the shield from 2K act as a limited pickup for it's tertiary fire. All while looking like fancy future gloves to match our fancy future jump boots. If you have the flag -- switching to the gloves would pull out the flag and change the animation to a flag stab which has a slightly larger range than regular melee, and boost jumping would look like pole vaulting with the future flag that has an impact hammer built into it's pole.

      It basically allows us to use the flag as a weapon -- aesthetically, it functions no different than the impact hammer, but flag can buff it's range. This allows them to design a sweet futuristic impact hammer into the base of the flag pole too.

      I'd love to spear someone in the face with a fully charged primary impact hammer flag spear, have their head stuck to the end of my flag while the announcer screams SPEARHEADED or something to that effect.

      Sounds very unreal. The impact hammer was never really "Cool" in terms of how it looked, future power gloves make sense -- Unreal has always been about equipment and tools. Jump Boots->Shield Belt->Thigh Pads->Chest Armor->Helmet

      Why not Kinetic Energy Gloves, it's equipment and a tool, and it's the only one you start with.

      It's instantly familiar, people will intuitively understand it's functions are melee/defense, it'll allow you to stab people with the flag and pole vault, and we can keep the 2K shield in a limited capacity, and design a really cool and UNREAL aesthetic around the impact hammer, so we have nothing but positives here IMO.

      You could also do something different with it, and allow you to mantle/vault objects while equipped, this way you can have normal mantles at shin height with all weapons, but you can climb objects taller than you with the gloves out, it could be the default "Q" replacement for the Translocator in deathmatch games -- here we would see our characters hands grab the wall and pull us up. We can also make it so infinite wall jumps and wall jump chaining could only be done with the gloves out. Or it could just give you a faster base run speed, help to close the distance to punch in the face, or help flag runners run back faster at the cost of being able to defend themselves.

      The more I think about gloves, the better I think they are for UT -- since they are exactly the impact hammer, but it pretty much holsters your weapon, allowing you to use your hands to traverse the map space as well as stabbing people with the extending impact flag pole of the future....

      It has a way cooler aesthetic than a lousy piston does, it also adds more character and is less forgettable and more defining to the series.

      The impact hammer has seen radical design changes between iterations, it's as almost they realize it's not quite as appealing as other staple weapons like the shock rifle/flak/enforcer, so they keep experimenting with it.

      Every version had very useful functions and all had impact jumping, I see no reason why as to not take all the features, and redesign it into something way cooler than a piston at the same time. This could be the definitive impact hammer -- also the coolest looking with the most amount of function, actually adding it as real big major to the core game -- while having it's tradeoff of life vs momentum and not being able to shoot whilst doing crazy acrobatics like multiple wall jumps and mantling.

      And it allowing you to use the flag seamlessly as a weapon is a nice touch too, killing people with the flag in games like Halo was always very appealing, and while it would be mostly for novelty, it would still be cool to see people styling and super humiliating people with their own flag.

      Would also make for amazing bunnytrack maps, imaging having to gap a lava pit , where you have to jump, wall jump, shoot a switch to lower your landing platform, then quick switch to kinetic gloves to grab the ledge. Not switching to the gloves drops you into the fire pit.


      Or just keep it the same old stale impact hammer... from a decade ago in game design.

      [Or keep the mechanics from 99/2k/III and change it to gloves so you can kill people with the flag. Take the mantling thing out.]

      Either way, the impact hammer needs a different style this time around, while not being to terribly different from how it used to be in terms of it's functions, but I don't see anything wrong with changing how it looks to be gloves, I think it's more suitable to the ARENA aesthetic TBH.

      Quick switching makes sense with this too, because you aren't putting away a weapon and then pulling another out, you are merely just putting away the weapon, so as soon as you press the Impact Hammer key, the animation starts to tuck the weapon away, but if you press fire at the same exact moment you switch to the impact, it starts charging the glove, glowing while the weapon is being tucked away -- allowing you to essentially start charging it immediately instead of having to wait for the entire process to finish.

      Giving it a slight boost of speed counter-strike knife style isn't a bad idea either as long as this speed is faster than dodge spamming, I think it'd help to cut back on some dodge spamming, at least when you know/think it's safe.
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