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Redeemer launcher (4 parts)

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    Redeemer launcher (4 parts)

    May be redeemer looks like large one-off weapon-construction, redeemer consists of four parts

    1) Big reddemer missle
    2) Used part, holds a missle, it is lower part of the missile construction
    3) Redeemer launcher for right hand and shoulder, holds a full missile construction
    4) The control panel for the left hand, it shows missile flight after clicking alt. fire

    When the missile launch, simultaneously ejected down part 2. Part 2 consists of 3-4 metal large pieces, parts immediately thrown forward-down not far, missile flies on.

    Small trick. This 3-4 parts a bit like flak primary shot, cause 30-40 damage to the enemy if the missile launch over the enemy, because part 2 flies faster (for primary and alt. fire) than missile. This can protect against one low HP enemy.

    WASD (especially ASD) can be used after alt. fire, because visible holographic screen, but not running, only a slow foot step

    And redeemer is not weapon it is item as mine in hands, and shown only small icon in interface, not as weapon.
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