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    Opinions on UT4 weapons

    So from my UT1 veteran point of view, I'll try to make some point about weapons, and try to stay as objective as I can realising this isn't (only) a UT1 remake:

    1. Impact hammer

    Fine as it is, usefull for IH jumping, and can even kill sometimes.

    2. Enforcer

    Also fine as it is... I see some people complain for it's damage, but it's perfectly fine, once real TDM maches kick in, and enemy locks down some important weapons, you'll need a pistol that can do some damage if you have decent aim.

    3. Bio rifle

    Nice damage, can kill, but has critical flaw - blobs must disappear faster 'cause they're used as spam mines on flags in CTF. It's easily avoidable by shooting something at them but in long run it's tactical use is pretty bad, but alerting enemy by firing right before picking flag ruins the element of surprise which has a special feeling in UT's CTF.

    4. Shock rifle

    Secondary orb MUST move faster, even blind man could hit "amazing combo" like this, and I sometimes feel it reduces fluidity of game in current state. Primary should fire slightly slower and do slightly more damage (should kill in 2 hits character without any power ups imo).

    5. Link gun

    Seems fine as it is atm, beam easier to aim but has range and lower dmg, and projectiles have more dmg but harder to hit.

    6. Minigun

    Sometimes seems a bit OP, but is subject of a change in current patch. Maybe reducing some damage of secondary.

    7. Flak Cannon

    Primary shards needs more spreading, while secondary suffers same AoE problem as RL, it's almost non-existant and you need to hit directly to do any serious damage.

    8. Rocket Launcher

    Same as above, rockets need to have more splash damage, lot more, and should have flying speed reduced slightly, otherwise we have Q3 RL, which is not too bad, but I still liked old UT RL better.

    9. Sniper rifle

    Fine as it is... in current modern low ping times, I think slower rate of fire is really good compared to old UT, but I think that's a change that's already being introduced in previous UTs, so this weapon is pretty good atm.

    10. Redeemer

    Hell yeah, we like it as it is... it's big, it's OP, it's UT's flagship weapon... and it's disallowed in official matches.

    So let's see how this works out in future. Let me remind you this was typed during new patch downloading so I dunno if some, or even most of these problems changed in one way or another (was pretty lazy to read notes, except I noticed that minigun is getting some changes, and flak).

    See you on servers.