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Add headshots to Minigun ?

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    Add headshots to Minigun ?

    I never liked rapid fire weapons ... point the crosshair to the target, LMB .... and wait till it runs out of HP. Find that gameplay mechanic really boring so the minigun/stinger is the UT weapon i least enjoy using.

    Been playing Dirty Bomb for some time now. Still dislike the machineguns but i find them a bit more enjoyable to use, because of the headshot mechanic. A headshot is twice the damage ( bodyshot x 2 ), so if you want to maximize the DPS you will have to be a bit more precise. And if you are accurate or lucky ( or both ) you can end an encounter faster. Which makes TTK not so much of a constant value, and adds a bit more depth to the aiming = > makes things more interesting ... at least for me.

    The problem is, that Dirty Bomb have hitsounds and headshot hitsounds so ... you get the audio feedback when you are landing ( or not ) headshots and you can adjust your aim accordingly. So far we lack hitsounds in UT ...

    So ... have you played DB and what do you thing about this ?

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