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Peacekeeper semi automatic crossbow

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    Peacekeeper semi automatic crossbow

    Yes, you read correctly, crossbow, I made a thread asking about hitscan, and it got me thinking, could it be interesting to have a crossbow alternative to the Enforcer ? We had the assault riffle in ut2k3 and 2k4, it had automatic hitscan fire mode, and grenade launcher mode.

    I see a small crossbow, something of this size

    It could have three fire modes, first, by spamming the click, you could get a decent fire rate (or a fast one with a crossbow in each hand), second, by holding the second click you could charge a powerfull and fast shot (you shoot two bolts with two weapons, one by weapon.), and last, if you hit the first click while holding the secondary if it's fully charged, you fire an explosive bolt (if you have two weapons, you fire it one after the other, and you have the other one charging after it is shot), but it cost mutiple ammo each time you shoot it, for the basic speed, I see the plasma riffle from quake 3. Why Peacekeeper ? I referance of Enforcer and the Police.

    What do you think ?

    PS : For the design, I see something like ut3 enforcer, but the clip is where it is in ut99, aproximatly the same size, and where the clip is in ut3, it's the bow part of the crossbow.
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