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A slight sniper rifle buff/improvement idea

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    A slight sniper rifle buff/improvement idea

    The sniper is currently quite underpowered in close combat (as it should be), but it would have a bit more use if you could quickly switch to another weapon after firing a shot with the sniper. It was like this in UT2k4 and it worked great. Basically this lets you take a quick sniper shot and then return back to your previous weapon, or to hit someone with the sniper and quickly pull out flak or RL to finish the opponent off. This has no impact on sniper's usefulness in open maps or actual sniping, but makes it a bit more viable option in close/mid range combat. Right now it's just not worth the risk to pull out a sniper and try to flick shot someone when you see them jumping from an elevator or a jump pad, because it takes such a long time to switch back to your previous weapon after firing the sniper.


    I think weapon switch universally should be made faster, and I'm not the only one:



      As it is right now you need to be pretty cautious about when you use your sniper because its pretty easy to get caught with your pants down unable to fire a shot with someone in your face.

      Doesn't help that you can't always hear rockets charging and someone can pop around a corner with a fully charged RL. It's times like that I wish the switch was faster, as the delay might be a bit too punishing when considering how quickly you can close someone down in this game.

      They nerfed the damage, I think decreasing the switch time slightly would be appropriate at this point.
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