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Secondary/Primary fire combos for more weapons

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    Secondary/Primary fire combos for more weapons

    I've been thinking about combo's for weapons other than the Shock Rifle. The Shock Combo is one of the best/satisfying things about UT, as it pulverises & is hard to learn...very rewarding.

    The Flak Cannon's one i've thought about - Primary fire releases Shards along the floor, then within a certain amount of time whilst the Shards are still hot, Secondary fire onto the Shards to create a massive 'landmine'-like explosion, capable of inflicting serious damage & launching human (& vehicle) into the air, disorientating them in the process (or not - may be overkill). This may mean the standard Primary/Secondary fire modes may need to be nerfed, in order to encourage Flak-Combo usage, which i'm ok with, as it allows for more inventive ways to hurt enemies/vehicles.

    Any other suggestions? I might have a think about it & add later...

    well isnt there the bio-rifle/Link Gun combo that sets up the laser web?