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Two unique weapon ideas:

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    Two unique weapon ideas:

    I recently thought up two weapons that I think should really be in the game. Tell me what you think, and if you would like to help create these I do need some help from someone skilled in animation/programming/texturing, because I suck at all that stuff lol.

    Barricade: (Needs a better name)
    Quad-barrelled energy weapon that fires large, slow-moving projectiles that cause a small explosion upon impact, dealing very hight damage. Best used for area denial and restricting movement due to the way the projectiles work.
    Distinguishable by it's four barrels and strange circular 'magazine' which goes around all four barrels. The weapon model would be very loosely based on the Hek shotgun from Warframe.
    Primary Fire: Fires shots from each barrel in succession.
    Secondary Fire: Places a landmine made of four projectiles that lasts for 30 seconds, until you place a new one, or until it is triggered by an opponent. OR fires a burst of four shots with a large cooldown.
    Each barrel has 5 rounds, and has to cool off for around 1.6-2.4 seconds before it can fire again.

    Redecorator/Tactical 41M-B07: (Also probably needs a better name, even though I think those two are kinda funny)
    Burst-fire assault-rifle-esque weapon that fires in rapid bursts of 5. Upon contact with a surface, the projectiles split into three smaller projectiles which scatter, each dealing 2/5 of the original damage.
    The weapon would be distinguishable by it's relatively streamlined appearance and 25 round magazine. For a general idea of what I am picturing it as, look up the Nerf Centurion.
    Primary Fire:

    My question might seems a little stupid or harsh, but...
    Have you actually played the game ? Or even any UT games before ?

    Because what you suggest for the first weapon is basically the Rocket Launcher with Bio Launcher secondary...
    And the second is the Flak Cannon with burst fire (that the Enforcer already possess by the way), or the Bio Rifle.

    It's funny that you mention Warframe, because Digital Extreme actually worked (in collaboration with Epic) on the Unreal series. Some of the weapons in Warframe are actually references or inspired by Unreal.

    Also requesting someone to do something is generally a bad idea here. You should better show a proof of concept or something, then see if someone's interested to work with you.
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      sadly darkloser is on point