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Sniper rifle damage depends on the firing range

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    Sniper rifle damage depends on the firing range

    May be sniper rifle has bullets that are gaining power and speed to increase the flight range. Minimal damage is 45, and max damage 120. With increasing distance the power is increased to 15 units. Perhaps better if power is increased not gradually, but immediately at new section of length. Damage 45-60-75-90-105-120. Speed but to a lesser degree also increases with a new section of length. First section of length the slow bullet, second section faster bullet, if damage 45 the bullet noticeable delay, but not at long range. But the total flight time is longer than before, of course. It is more difficult to hit the enemy. Bullets are dispersed in flight. Sniper bullets as micro semi-rockets or gauss like charges. Headshots damage +50%. The higher the speed of a bullet recruited the more the brightness of the fire color dot behind bullet in air.

    45 - close and slightly increased flak like firing range (HS - 67 and vehicle - 22)
    60 - strongly increased average distance (HS - 90 and vehicle - 30)
    75 - the long firing range (HS - 112, almost come to a standart headshot damage and vehicle - 37)
    90 - the very long firing range (HS - 135 and vehicle - 45)
    105 - almost comes to the maximum range (HS - 157 and vehicle - 52)
    120 - the maximum and flies farther range (HS - 180 and vehicle - 60)

    This damage does not depend on the use of the zoom of course. It depends only on the distance at which it was hit enemy. Vehicles are also receives more damage with longer firing range, but without headsot ability of couse (or may be vehicle any distance damage always 40 as a ~ mean value). For example in UT3 on Avalance map there are high towers with sniper rifle points. But snipering on this very far range a not effective. Its even no more effective than effective action - sniper on the roof or tower in warfare gametype especially. Damage indicator has 1-6 simbols (but not the distance in meters or figures) show power only if look in zoom mode then sight rests on the object or surface.

    Sniper rifle bullets seem to be more severe and massive. Flak in UT works almost as, just the contrary effect in a slightly different form. Different damage has different kill animations, if 45 - almost loke enfircer or stinger alt. fire, if 120 - a powerful blow knocking the enemy away, 3-6 different animations.
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    Or do fire modes more differently, make a fully different two shooting modes - 1) the current sniper rifle state without zoom to be a assault rifle with 60-65 damage per shot. This shot fires bullet that flies directly as usual, but the maximum firing range of such a bullet is 35-40% of the max sniper rifle firing range. With the overpassing of this distance, the bullet starts to slow down and quickly becomes very weak up to a damage of 5 points at the end of max distance (there is no line in the air from the bullet after overcoming the assault rifle maximum, although the bullet itself touches the target but very weak and invisible) 2) When alt. fire mode is chosen and the zoom was activated this rifle do quickly some basic transformation and now it works like fully sniper rifle instead of assault rifle. The bullet flies by arc with acceleration as wrote above and damage 45-120. The presence of a zoom is always an indicator of another type of shooting.

    With this fire modes

    There is a fully difference between all fire modes
    It makes sense to use a directional shot without zoom and vice versa use another type of shooting with zoom
    Zoom is not an optional or no one needed element, even if it showed invisible enemies is not an obstacle in some situations but mandatory for long distances
    It theory there is no sniper OP on long distances and pixel scan used only for near or medium+ distances.
    Greater difference from shock rifle in general. –°urrent sniper dueling in UT is just 3D scene + direct mouse control element and as I understand have a little to do with sniping. But you can not have a kilometer maps in the game. I mean shock firle is a instant direct hit but 30-35 damage and the attitude to the assault\sniper rifle is small.
    Sniper rifle much more like "one shot weapon" and is used at long distances as area controller. But hit the enemy is much more difficult.
    Only assault fire mode reveals the position of the shooter (line in air) but sniper fire mode makes the sniper more hidden.
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