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    I really like the mechanics of lightning gun. Good new improvement.

    I don't like the gun model, it feels clunky and not like a smooth sniper rifle. Also the lightning-shot looks to much, although it's just a placeholder i guess.
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      Sarcasm ON.

      EPIC, let me give you some word of advice. Clearly you are in need of this because most changes and new features are terrible.
      You guys are probably missing a game architect with a clear vision and ideas about what the end product should be like, resulting in a big mess.
      Start with getting a clear vision of the game before you continue.

      Here is some advice on making weapons:

      When designing weapons, try to come up with a list of weapons where each weapon's fire-mode has a distinct funtionality and purpose in the game world.
      You could make a helping flowchart for this.

      - Is it going to be hitscan or projectile based?
      - Is it going to be close/medium/long range based?
      - Rapid fire with low damage, or slow fire with higher damage?
      - etc, you get the point.

      So creating a third hitscan-based weapon with some different fire delays and damages isn't going to work.
      Required zooming isn't going to work either, or is UT turning into a slow paced tactical shooter like Battlefield?
      It's all kid stuff really, every day of the week I can think up better weapons for an arena shooter.
      If I can come up with these things, surely some highly paid top game developers should be able to do so.

      Sarcasm OFF.


        I personally do like the idea. I personally had different concepts for such a weapon but yeah I personally like the fact there is a different use from zoom and no zoom


          Forcing you to scope and wait for the charge time surely isn't the way to go here


            Originally posted by Dexxlord View Post
            Forcing you to scope and wait for the charge time surely isn't the way to go here
            I just dont like how their going about balancing, balance is getting better i have to admit.

            What i mean is it seems like their balancing weapons to suit their new born baby "flag run" But then leaving the same values and i get why, across every other game mode.

            Where the changes do make flag run more balanced they made deathmatch more boring example. Boring isnt the right word but you get the idea.
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              Originally posted by code187 View Post
              I just dont like how their going about balancing, balance is getting better i have to admit.

              What i mean is it seems like their balancing weapons to suit their new born baby "flag run" But then leaving the same values and i get why, across every other game mode.

              Where the changes do make flag run more balanced they made deathmatch more boring example. Boring isnt the right word but you get the idea.
              Exactly this, for flag run for example I kinda like Grenade Launcher as it's exceptionally good to use defensive against an incoming wave of enemies but for other modes I hate it and don't think it should be included. Flak Cannon which is OVERPOWERED as hell for deathmatch for example is still almost/kinda okay for flag run. I still think it's a bit too easy to deliver a high amount damage up close that kills the guy instantly even with some armor slapped on but for midrange the dmg is getting fairly okay'ish.

              I just find it odd of a decision to purely focusing on one gamemode and all the weapon balance around it especially considering how small the development team is, instead of directly trying to develop a compromise which works good enough for all modes as it will waste a lot of time having to readjust once you have that one gamemode in good shape and moving on to some other one. It will take a loooong time before the game goes from beta to final with current development model, probably not by before sometimes 2019 but even that seems a bit too optimistic at current pace.

              I'd like to see Epic start thinking more along the lines:

              - What purpose does the weapons have? Defensive, offensive or midrange?

              - Are the weapon mechanics fit for their nature and do they have their own useage scenarios?

              I consider lightning rifle a rifle/longrange weapon that is meant to be used primarily offensively as well as defensively for long range use but the primary fire is a bit slow moving for a rifle kind of weapon. I'd rather nerf damange if needed and make it faster that also primary fire is sufficient enough for long range use. => This way you better adapt it to its nature as a longrange weapon.
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                I like the introduction with this weapon. A few more tweaks to it. I get the balancing of the risk/reward zoom mode but the added delay to charge the weapon is 2x too much risk, imo. Maybe some different combination would be better?


                  Right now the game revolves HEAVILY around shock rocket flak
                  You take 1 option of going aggressive vs Combos having to charge makes it too slow in most fast paced situations
                  which means shock is gonna outshine sniper even more now
                  but what's the point in using it anyways shock has so much more knockback , spamability , combos
                  why bother using this weapon at all?


                    I'd suggest you to change the weapon in the following way: Let players charge the weapon by holding the left mouse button, regardless of whether they're zoomed in or not and then when they release the left mouse button the charged shot will be fired. I don't like being forced to zoom in, without being able to move while I'm zoomed out when I want to use the charged attack and it will limit players.

                    The primary fire attack also seems weak when compared to other weapons, I would suggest you to turn it into a more accurate shot (more accurate than a regular sniper) which deals half the damage of a shot fired with the regular sniper.

                    Now this is probably something you're gonna do, but I'm still gonna suggest it just in case, I would suggest you to change the models of both the lightning rifle and instagib rifle when they are on the floor (before someone picks them up) into the model it has when you're holding it. Currently the weapons look like the sniper rifle and pulse rifle when they're on the floor.
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                      I really like the current lightning rifle. I was a UT99 fan and I enjoy my sniper and will always prefer it, I think Epic is doing a great job right now of allowing both weapons to coexist. The sniper and the lightning are both long range accuracy weapons, however they are very different in damage and operation, allowing a map maker to use both weapons on a single map and not have them feel redundant. The sniper rifle is the scalpel of UT, very precise, very deadly in the right hands. Free aim or zoom, it does the same damage and requires the same regard for accuracy. Its not a noob friendly weapon. The lightning rifle is more like the axe of UT. Easy to use, its primary fire mode will allow new players the confidence to easily use the weapon. The zoomed full charge shot allows for big damage numbers at the cost of limited mobility and slower rate of fire.


                        I know this is a first iteration of the weapon and it's highly experimental, but I'm not happy with it at all. Epic Games wants our feedback, so here's mine: It seems like this weapon should be some kind of sniper rifle with additional options by adding a projectile firemode and a charging functionality. But we currently have several weapons which combine projectiles and hitscan with their two firemodes: Shock Rifle, Link Gun and Minigun. Yes they are different but still I'm not sure if the Lightning Rifle has a place in the current set of weapons. The only new thing it offers is the possible splash damage, which is a questionable feature for a sniper rifle. Also zoom plus charging is a bad combination IMO.

                        The Lightning Rifle can be fired in three different ways. What I don't get is why the Impact Hammer gets removed because it's fire modes are confusing for new players and then a weapon like this gets implemented in the game (yes I know it's heavy WIP, still it applies to the current state of the weapon). Yes I'm a friend of simplicity and I think that this weapon is more confusing than any other weapon in the game. It changes it's behavior depending on the fact if you're zoomed in or not. I don't know if that's a good idea.

                        I love the Lightning Gun from UT2003. But I know these two weapons can't be compared because they are different. Also the Lightning Gun had a place in the game as a sniper rifle. And I'm not sure about the Lightning Rifle in it's current state. I don't see where it's place is.
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                          probably for people playing offline against monsters


                            Just a note on usability - moving the charging meter away from the crosshair (perhaps lower and bigger) would make it easier to aim with.

                            Currently the meter is very close obstructing aiming quite a bit.
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                              Remove the projectile-based fire mode when firing from the hip. Make the gun charge automatically after each shot. Make the primary fire mode the same whether zoomed in or not. Basically, make it more like UT 2003/4. Don't feel forced to make radical changes to the gun just because it's a new game. The rocket launcher is almost the same as in 2k3/4 too, and it's not a problem. Don't change things that work fine.