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    Improve weaker weapons

    The Bio rifle seems a little underpowered to me, chances are high you will miss when shooting at a distance. I'd suggest to improve the Bio Rifle's range so that the weapon becomes stronger.

    And in my opinion, the link gun should deal a bit less damage per shot, rather than overheating. This is not to say the Link Gun is underpowered, but if you miss too many of your shots, you will be unable to use the main attack of your weapon for a while, which is annoying.

    You also did a good job improving the grenade launcher, if I'm not mistaken, you added the functionality for it to explode on impact when you're close enough to an enemy.

    Hello! Your same feedback regarding the Bio Rifle and the Link Gun is very common in the forums. You nailed it!

    I think the same.

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      The bio rifle is not a long ranged weapon. Increasing its range too much will make it over powered. The big blob has been nerfed to 150 damage I think, which is still strong.


        The bio rifle is generally considered redundant - apart from the secondary "Glob" - which has it's uses. There's a whole thread on creating a new visual design for it which is really good from Kazeoh but everyone is agreed that the actual fire modes needs to be changed. To what... nothing is decided yet.

        The truth is, it was a pretty rubbish weapon in UT99. Only zulg used it well!
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          Well people consider it to be weak because by design it's not the most practical weapon to use in combat.
          It's a mine layer with chemicals. The bio never was redundant, but it shines in too much situational scenarios.
          The thing that could be great is either give some interesting proprieties to the blobs and/or either make them stand longer before detonation.

          I think the Bio rifle could be changed to a poison sprayer; alt will be the big blob and if people want to shot the small blobs, they can while maintaining alt press primary at the same time.
          This way we can get a combat oriented weapon while having defensive capabilities.
          There was a fantastic idea where the blobs could regroup towards a player who've been hit by one blob. I think the blobs should start slow and then increase speed up to a certain point.

          Ideas have been submitted in the past so I guess.
          But I think the problem with the bio rifle is either make it more practical or improve things like range and projectile speed but that's probably something people can have a nice thinking around it


            I very like bio-launcher idea. Finally primary fire can be usefull and secondary can still be the same as always. Unfortunately they splited this combination for bio and granade launcher. What a shame. They did this too early. Didn't take much time to more testing bio launcher and try balace it with some tweaks. I'm very sad with that.


              Originally posted by Smurgl View Post
              The truth is, it was a pretty rubbish weapon in UT99. Only zulg used it well!
              What!? The bio rifle was pretty powerful in UT99, the primary fire was very effective in close quarters. I think it was over powered in UT99 but great fun too. The primary fire in other games has been pretty much useless though.

              Grenade plus the charge up blob design sounds like a good way to go.


                That's the thing, most people hates the GES because it's not the most practical weapon to use in a fight. in UT 99 it was very effective when used properly, however there is too little scenarios where the gun truly shines against other weapons. a charged shot in UT99 was instagib even against players with full health and shield belt which is 349 hp.


                  Both of these weapons used to be great crowd control weapons that have been tooled, nerfed, and refocused to be poor duelist weapons.

                  Instead of pulse being effective vs a single target, it needs to be slow enough that a single target can track it well enough to avoid most of it, but do enough damage that when sprayed at a crowd can disperse it, or damage it significantly, hiding within the difficulty of tracking it through all the friendlies. It can get all its duelist utility from shaft.

                  Goo was fine in UT99, and has just gotten weaker as time goes on. I agree that messaging for the high damage ambush weapons should be improved, but reduction in damage, splash, and other physical aspects of the slow moving, short ranged, arcing weapon is completely unnecessary. It as well was a great crowd control weapon, between the child blobs of dropping a goo mine, or the combo sized aoe when making a direct hit with it, you could turn a tight crowd of people to parts. Now you can't even do that to a single target. Also single globs did significant damage in '99. I think the current tracking goo makes for some good added utility, but would still prefer many of the attributes of UT99 goo with the updated messaging of it being charged in someone's hands.
                  Originally posted by Mysterial
                  An instant hit, accurate, instant kill weapon is overpowered. There's no skill ceiling. It's limited only by the shooter's accuracy. It also severely impairs the defensive side of the game - ignoring ping, it is nearly irrelevant what your opponent does - click the right pixel and you win. Even non-instant kill instant hit weapons are often problematic - the Shock Rifle example is obvious before even getting to other games.