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    Weapon ideas for UT

    Weapon N°1
    Shielded Piston

    An impact hammer concept idea taking an other approach towards UT2004 Shield Gun and combines with certain aspects of the dispersion pistol as well.

    This weapon is a special version capable of melee, shielding and shoot.
    This weapon have simple main modes and more complex surroundings like the use of certain weapons regarding it.
    By design it's a last resort weapon with crossing capabilities and a team weapon additionally as warrantying some directional protection.

    Like the dispersion pistol it will gain levels and become more powerful, the only power gains will be
    Shield strength, Shot power and behavior change, and piston charge time.

    Primary fire: Charged piston (like traditional impact hammer)
    Alternate fire: Projects a shield with 50 HP (150 with all the upgrades of 25HP per upgrade) at 1.50 meters in front of the Player with a size of overall 1.20 m²

    The weapon uses 100 energy (up to 300 with 50 obtained through each upgrades) charges and uses up 50 for the shield and then the shield is on and stays until it's destroyed and deactivated
    When the shield is activated, energy will refill up after a while but you cannot shoot
    The shield can be destroyed which means you need to wait a bit before being able to put an other one. If it's not destroyed, after a while it depletes your energy to recharge the shield up to its maximum
    The shield is made to protect ourselves but also other players, the shield can be increased by using link gun's alt

    Weapon N°2
    Ball Cannon

    This weapon is mostly a corridor weapon, the closest weapon in UT arsenal that resembles it is the ripper, but it differs a lot from it due to its behaviour

    Primary fire: shoots a small bouncing cannon ball.
    Alt Fire: shoots a cannon ball that splits in half with a cutting chain

    Primary fire does 40 damage and shoots at moderate rate of fire. This weapon can be used for trick shots because balls on the ground can be physically used just like in billboards and countering the balls can be done by counter shooting the balls
    Also shooting primary on your feet can propel you up at the expense of 25 damage

    Alt fire shoots a wide cutting chain that sticks on surfaces, this mode can also cut off heads, but is slower than the primary fire in terms of projectile speed
    the sticky side of it makes it able to be used as a trap maker while making entrances dangerous and force players to watch out for chains.

    Pressing primary while pressing shield will result to shoot energy projectiles which will be more numerous with the upgrades

    Weapon N°3
    Freeze Gun

    The Feeze gun is a weapon capable of generating 0 friction surfaces, it's a good tool for movement as well as killing stuff. I think using the slide on a frozen surface will result on a very long slide.

    Primary: Freezing stream
    Alternate: Freezing Plasma

    The freezing plasma upon detonation frees some gas that slows people in its area.
    The stream on the gas can create walls that can be destroyed
    The damage done by plasma's direct hit is about 20 damage
    The gas doesn't do a lot of damage per second, but it lasts for a while.

    Weapon N°4
    Toxin Launcher

    A modified version of the GES, with a more practical primary fire that can be used for more direct combat. This weapon will inflict direct damage and overtime damage. This version will have also some glue proprieties on the players and also be used as a jumping weapon. A player is immune towards its own thrown poison so he will take half of the damage from his own goo.

    Primary: Stream of goo that arcs over distance.
    Alt: Charged shot
    Alt + Pri, launches small blobs

    The stream of goo is the mode that is intended for combat, it doesn't do that much damage, but the damage ramps up as long as you successfully hit your target.
    The stream impact is poisonous so if people walks on it, they will get poisoned however, the stream's impact doesn't explode.
    The alternate charge is more sticky, webs can stick on players and kind of pull them back at times or act as a restrain web.
    The blobs are the things that can propel people, blobs can have a seeking effect towards the closest infected target.

    Weapon N°5

    The volcanic is, a lava cannon that can launch sticky blobs that spits fire for a short period of time.

    Primary fire: launch a sticky blob that spits fire
    Alternate fire: Launches a wide Firewall

    The primary fire shoots blobs ideal to flame people and as an area denial weapon.
    The fire wall is a wide lava glue that looses power over range which means it has to be used at short range to be effective

    Weapon N°6

    The Kribbler is an assault rifle with a burst of five only fire mode

    Primary Fire will shoot standard bullets
    Alt Fire loads up more bullets for varying effects
    1 to 5 = "shotgun"
    6 to 10 = exploding fragmentation bullet

    Aiming the head does additional damage, but doesn't instantly headshot.
    The "shotgun" shoots a bit like UT rocket launcher uses to shoot except that it's only in a wide line.
    The exploding bullet is just a big dodgeable bullet that can fragment in multiple bullets with varying power.

    Weapon N°7
    The Inflator

    This weapon is a microwave generator, it shares proprieties with the link gun, but it's weaker and can't be used for repairs
    It can inflate and make any flesh creature to explode in a bloody mess

    Primary shoots a "piercing" ray that can pierce through many enemies and make them explode if we can maintain them under our aim as the damage while being low will ramp up
    Alternative fire is a short range cone fire that does the same thing as primary but using a cone with the ability to catch people more easily and also have a nice bonus against shields

    Weapon N°8
    The Hacksaw

    The hacksaw is a powered saw with constant damage, this weapon is very similar to a chainsaw with a different design, the weapon can be also used as a duel weapon as it can be parried by aiming at someone's saw
    It can also cut certain projectiles or deflect them depending of them as long as they were hit by the blade
    The alternate fire can be used to push away players from ledges or as a powered jump device

    Primary Fire: constant blade saw
    Alternate Fire: Long blade attack

    Stinger and minigun From my other thread as I think it's better to regroup

    Weapon N°9
    The Manipulator

    A weapon based around physics mostly as it shoots a beam that can grab people, if we get damaged the beam cuts and releases the grabbed object.
    This weapon can be used to throw things at people, grab people, grab projectiles, etc ...
    This weapon overheats as while it does have ammo, the goal is to disallow grabbing people for too long.
    The alternate fire generates an tractor ball at short range, it can be used to damage people when they get up close and also when thrown damages people if it hits something
    More the ball is charged, better the damage will be.

    Primary fire: shoots an elastic grabbing beam
    Alternate fire: Generates a gravity ball that can grab multiple things and be shot with the primary.

    Stinger Concept (Assault shotgun / Stake launcher)

    It will shoot a spread for primary and alt will be a crystal stake.
    The primary fire will be a somewhat weak hitscan shotgun style weapon it's meant for close range "riot control"
    The alternate fire shoots a powerful stake that can push people back
    So it doesn't overlap with the pulse rifle because it's slower and have a push back and not against the flak cannon because it's hitscan with no bouncing and a lot weaker.

    I consider it doing 45 damage per stinger shot and 36 (3 Dmg per pellet for 12 total pellet) per shotgun fire.

    The minigun however it really depends on what should be considered as a complementary fire because while I won't say that the previously suggested combo mini + disk is bad, I think it's unfitting as a combination gun because we have to think about what the disks will add to the primary fire in order to complement it and what could plausibly work on the weapon. I also think the ripper was a nice weapon concept that needs to be its own thing rather than just be associated with whatever boring/bland weapon in terms of functionality.

    If we look at unreal's present machineguns in general we had:

    A delayed fire or instant fire
    Faster or slower alt fire
    Shotgun fire using more than one projectile at once with a cool down and a spread
    Heated multiple bullets with slow movement
    Constant beam attack
    Explosive with multiple projectiles
    Alternate ammunition as grenades.

    And that's about it.

    Now what could possibly become usable from bullets or some other kind of projectile the minigun will use in order to make a dual purpose projectile giving two complementary fire modes to the minigun
    Also do we need an additional barrel / delivery system to convey the alternate function

    Minigun related ideas

    I think we will probably keep something for primary as
    Delayed fire, fast fire with increasing rate upon firing

    Now for the secondary I have a few ideas but I think people can also improve upon those ideas if they can.

    Alt fire ideas with an alternate delivery system
    1/ Use a sort of compressor that grinds the bullets and with the explosion makes them melt, the whole melting a pressure allows the minigun to spray a short range lava stream that falls over a distance, it's a delayed fire weapon but it works as a constant stream. The "lava" disposed on the ground damages people who walks on it
    2/ Pack 25 bullets and drop a grenade with a moderate explosion and a lot of bullet fire around
    3/ Load heated bullets to make a sort of drilling shell, if it lands on a wall you can use its surface to shoot primary on that surface to get reflective shots and get coward enemies that hide behind a wall.
    4/ Auto wire linked bullets leading to all sorts of effects if you connect people with surfaces

    Alt fire using the current barrels
    1/ Multiplex bullets as for primary it stands as a single projectile, here it will be about more than one doing less damage per bullet but as much damage if all the shots connect, they have a small dispersion
    2/ Hitscan flechette; this "mode" damages armor while not damage much of the flesh, it can also damage people who uses a shield belt, penetrate walls and multiple enemies
    3/ Explosive; while the idea isn't new in UT2k it didn't had any splash, so I suggest splash damage or some light fragmentation
    4/ Nail explosive bullets (well this one is pretty much a stinger ripoff with a twist) the twist is that the projectiles explode when in contact or in very close proximity with flesh, if you miss they plant themselves on surfaces and people who steps on the planted bullets gets damage the tiny explosion.
    5/ Micro missile, the micro missiles follows a sort of microwave beam from the minigun to get onto target, there is a lock on system that allows us to spot a desired target behind walls during 30 seconds so you can shoot alt and aim at your target while being protected, also if you get a friend using the minigun you can aim at them even through walls, press use and then your projectiles will use your mate's aim.
    6/ Magnetic accelerator barrels this one is a bit about being able to throw more power during a short period of time once the capacitors are depleted, you have to shoot primary again or if you continue to shoot the ROF and power will go down.
    7/ Ramjet bullets, when using alt the bullets does little damage at close range, but ends up to do tremendous damage and long range, ROF is also decreased.
    8/ Electro linked bullets, load up 6 bullets and link them electrically, upon launch this warrant a sort of web effect that enhances hit probability, if one of them connects, the target gets a sort of penalty that is to be determined.
    9/ Ignited bullet, a somewhat slow tracing bullet that generates a sort of small constant explosion in the area of impact (a bit like multiple exploding fire crackers)
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