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Im wondering about few things ...

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    Im wondering about few things ...

    Can we have or is it already possible
    different damage to legs,head,arms,,,(so i will not get killed with first shoot)
    different type of armors which will act as armor so if you have some special helmet that will protect head for 80% (and that mean you have to shoot in opponent head 5 times before you kill him) or maybe different type of armor which will react on explosive bullets but will not react on some kind of "energy bullets"
    also im wondering about ricochet, is it that possible to make?

    I have been working in UDK long time a go and had a few projects so i kinda understand UNREAL therms and i have played UT but was not actually interested to make shooting game till now

    I think a different damage count related to the hit body part could apply better on a tactical shooter... But maybe I'm wrong... I don't know how it affects gameplay.

    -Luigi Rapetta

    My projects list:
    Unreal Monsters | Armor Pickups | Dispersion Pistol for Invasion | Fusion Cannon - a Flak Cannon variant


      I don't think there should be any form of location based damage aside from sniper headshots.

      Flak cannon already has ricocheting shards so yes it's possible.


        Location based damage is a cool concept but is not that impactful in most games or even all that noticeable. UT99 has it. Location base damage really shines when it comes to gore effects.


          There is a point for gore effects, and the other point as a gameplay element.

          When it comes as a gameplay element most of the time torso is 100% limbs are 75% and head is about 400% and sometimes you get also the crotch area as well.
          As a gore effect, it does as long as you remove all enemies' health it works in any game. However when it's about weakening the enemy, that's an other theme, it works very well in single player games where you can remove limbs, body parts or even remove the weapon they are holding, but not that much in multiplayer mostly when the game is fast paced.

          Now as for UT as a gore effect when the enemy is killed I think that's fine.
          As for strategic element It depends for me, in a way it can reduce effects from indirect damage shots since most of them occur on limbs.
          For the rest it depends what the community wants and what UT dev team decides for it