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Alt-Fire Movement Boosts

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    Alt-Fire Movement Boosts

    This idea could just as easy go under the Movement Design subforum.

    I propose that the infrequently used alt fires of a few weapons be re-purposed as movement boosters instead of damage projectiles.

    1) The alt fire of the rocket launcher could load up rockets and when launched at your feet rocket jump you around the map. Your flight path will be dependent upon momentum at launch and the angle you fire at. Jumping straight up while looking straight down will yield max vertical jump and dodging backwards while looking at down at a 45 degree angle will give you max distance. There will not be self damage save fall damage, the latter of which could be minimized with jump boots or 3) below.

    2) The pulse gun beam will become its primary fire and the secondary fire will shoot the rapid fire plasma boost spheres. Fired into the air they will evaporate after a few meters but when fired at your feet or a nearby wall they will bounce or hop you along the surface, quicker than you can run. It could also be used to climb up or along a wall.

    3) The shield gun alt fire could cushion long rocket jumps.

    The separate wall running mechanic and movement boosting adrenaline combos would not be needed. These actions will use ammo.

    A more elaborate mutator version would have player wield a damage weapon in one hand and a movement weapon in the other requiring another movement weapon fire key-bind.
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