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    HI Luau, ramses.

    Ramses, ofc, i didnt even mention it because even at 50% dmg and selective material related bouncing, it's already unbearable tbh.
    Even at 50% reduction if you can spam out of range a precise area (if this area is not important, then why even allow boucing material somewhere near to allow the spam on that very area?), i can imagine one may trade 50% dmg reduction to spam "safely".
    Steve Polge, i think, also noticed that as he, right away, emitted "doubts" on the gameplay aspects of such things on the long term =) . It could be funny to hit crazy combo for entertainment purpose or as a fun mutator why not, but on core gameplay? HELL no.
    Ramses, u played a big load of ut3, u know already how extremely annoying the senseless (it's senseless because its random and not aim/strategy rewarding) flak SPAM around corners is annoying, right? Now, imagine a 50cm diameter indestructible core bouncing on map like subterrane, penetrated, sentinel or even better, gritt? Come on :< ...
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      I absolutely love this and really hope to see it work out in core UT. Just needs a reasonable counterbalance like maybe reduced damage of shock combo or limiting how many shock cores you can have active at a time. I'm iffy on the specific surfaces idea but if it works it works.


        though i really do love the idea and possibilities of this, i agree with others that this would only make people use the shock rifle more, and adding in special mirrors on walls might make the maps seem too cluttered, but that's just me. I personally feel like this would be best suited as a mutator


          I'd still be up for a trick-jumping shock rifle =))))

          Shock Primary bounces yourself backwards, instead of the enemy. This way shooting it becomes a positioning risk + you can use it to make awesome movements, like catapult yourself up-, side-, or downwards, or even slow down your fall in order to avoid falling damage.


            I'm throwing this in the category of Definitely notfor the core UT.
            I haven't really been in the camp of saying "Make it a mut" but this idea, is definitely a mutator. Call it "Bouncy Balls" as a mutator but this idea gives way tooooo much extra power to shock, like people already said... shock is already OP and overused enough. It's a fun idea but I'd rather just have the ripper instead of a bouncy shock ball. You can't detonate a ripper blade with massive explosive radius like you could a shock-ball so this idea is drastically overpowered. Fun idea to mess around with, but not for default behavior.


              Originally posted by Axis_Zaibot View Post
              Some guy made a prototype of this, I think that is an amazing idea, imagine the possibilities, however that should consume more ammo for the sake of a balanced game. Is a real fresh air to the game. Because right now regarding weapons, everything is the same from 15 years ago.
              Holy ****. That actually REALLY.

              I dunno, though. Maybe I'm scared of change. Maybe it's just too much.