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    [CONCEPT ART] more usefull Impact Hammer


    Saw the live Stream, and thought I would leave my idea for a more usefull Impact Hammer.

    The Weapon should work like it has before but in addition to the impact, it should create a small Air Vortax that can knock an enemy off thier feed within approx. 4-6meters. It would be quite fun to be able to stopp outer players for a second.

    Is it a good idea or am I missing something?

    Hope I don't reposte something...

    Hey take a look at my "air burst" idea, maybe this can help? It also has the concept of knocking people down, I think this might be the way to go personally.
    [Concept] Impact Hammer: Alternative Fire
    [Concept] Game Mode: Infiltration


      Remember the Ripper mod for UT3? The alt fire of the Ripper pushed enemies a few metres when hit, similar to your air burst idea. It also could launch you into the air if you looked at the ground before firing, something i´d say would be interesting for UT4.