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    [CONCEPT ART] Flak Cannon Concept Model

    Hello Unreal Brotherhood

    Before viewing these pictures, I would just like to stress that this concept model that I have created is a very VERY low poly rush job, built solely for the purpose of general shape of the weapon + possible features to be added to the final rendition when created and is in no way intended as an indication of final work before I am flamed for such as this is merely a 'scribble' done in 3D modelling software.

    Click image for larger version

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    The purpose of me creating this model was to not only put forward my ideas on keeping the original shape of the traditional Flak Cannons from UT99 and UT2004 with a few alterations, but also see which parts are liked/disliked by the community in order to have a good thread running on which way the Flak Cannon should be directed.

    The first point of note, would be the overall shape of the barrel of the Flak Cannon, based upon the UT99 build with the more triangular shape driven from the UT2004 model. The reasons for keeping with the earlier version designs was not just for the overall trademarked appearances, but to keep that 'solid' ballistic weapon look which would be lost if it were to be overdone (unlike weapons like the Shock Rifle which are more Space Age and less Industrial in appearance).

    Another feature to note would be the vents on the side (Inspired from the UT99 model respectively), which could include flames blasting out when fired. Should Unreal Tournament take a highly animated weapon route similar to that as seen in UT3, these vents either side of the barrel may be subjected in such.

    The part which I feel may be most debatable would be the added Revolving Magazine into the main part of the weapon, mainly in place for the weapon to have at least some form of ammunition feed without settling for a basic magazine without opportunity in place for firing animations to bring the weapon more to life (but without going to the extent of UT3).

    Another part to note would be having the secondary hand grip on the side, but this would in turn require every Character Animation to allow for this for just this weapon, or have multiple weapons with similar grips (I personally felt myself leaning towards the grip being under the weapon, but it clashed with the magazine).

    Having been a huge fan of the series since I was but a child, becoming involved in this project is a huge boost for me personally and if anything were to be taken from anything I post in these forums and have my name in the credits and thus being officially part of the Unreal Universe would be one dream come true for me.

    Thanks for reading and looking forward to hearing back from everyone.


    I would also just like to note, that if suggestions come through and the thread rolls, I will continue making more higher quality models for the concept and keep posting updated pictures.


      It's a good direction, but even with a 3d "scribble" as you put it, it would be best to at least sketch out how you see the final product potentially being in your head in addition.

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        Thanks for the reply Henrik, I'll probably do some sketches tomorrow of potential finished Flak Cannons with details.