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Concept Update: Air Burst - Impact Hammer Alt-Fire

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    Concept Update: Air Burst - Impact Hammer Alt-Fire

    New Theme: An Electrolyzed Metallic Sulfide Dust Cloud Discharged by Compressed Air

    What is the Impact Hammer?
    Originally used as a miner's tunneling tool, the Impact Hammer is a pneumatic crushing device that now pulverizes opponents as effectively as it once shattered rock.

    Now that we have something to look at with the impact hammer's current alt-fire projectile shield, I thought I'd update my original concept to better fit the design of the projectile shield as I find it could have better and more skillful applications as well as better fitting the Unreal DNA. I feel the impact hammers alt-fire should have skill based defensive, counter and team properties and I'll explain below on some additional ideas. These are all concepts and I will take feed back on anything that needs changing to fit a better balance to game play. The push distance wave or cone projection speed and spread of the compressed air discharge would need to be sized and balanced. (Think about a car air bag going off out of your impact hammer without the bag)

    Original Air Burst Concept:

    The Changes and Additions of the Updated Concept:

    When Pressed:
    Release highly compressed air from the impact hammer leaving behind an electrolyzed metallic sulfide dust cloud for a duration until it disperses.

    The Air:
    Used for deflecting and destroying projectiles when timed accordingly. Also can be used for pushing objects.

    The Cloud:
    Used for some defense against hitscan weapons by positioning, also great in tight corridors.

    Projectile Destruction and Deflection

    Rocket Launcher:
    Primary (Single Rocket): Destroy a rocket when timed accordingly.
    Secondary (Spread Rockets): Destroy rockets when timed accordingly.
    Secondary (Spiral Rockets): Destroy and dampen some damage taken.
    Secondary (Grenades): Push away grenades lobbed or bouncing at you.

    Flak Cannon:
    Primary (Shrapnel): Push shrapnel away from you when timed accordingly.
    Secondary (Shell): Destroy and Deflect Shrapnel pieces from the Flak Shell.

    Shock Rifle:
    Primary (Shock Beam): Dampen some damage taken going through the cloud when timed accordingly.
    Secondary (Shock Core): Push and Deflect a Shock Core away from you.
    Combination (Shock Combo): Dampen some damage taken when facing a Shock Combo.

    Bio Rifle:
    Primary (Small Globs): Destroy small globs when timed accordingly.
    Secondary (Big Glob): Push and Deflect larger globs into small globs away from you.

    Link Gun:
    Primary (Plasma Projectiles): Deflect or Destroy Plasma when timed accordingly and/or reduce damage taken going through the cloud.
    Secondary (Plasma Beam): Dampen the damage going through the cloud and/or disrupt lockdown connection effect with the push until secondary is refired again by attacker.

    Mini Gun:
    Primary (Fast Spread of Bullets): Dampen the damage going through the cloud.
    Secondary (Slow Accurate Bullets): Dampen the damage going through the cloud. (Alt-Fire may change in the future.)

    Sniper Rifle:
    Primary (Long Range Bullet): Dampen the projectile damage going through the cloud if timed accordingly.
    Secondary (Zoom Scope): Not Applicable.

    Lightning Gun:
    Primary (Lightning Bolt?): Dampen damage going through the cloud if timed accordingly.
    Secondary (Zoom Scope?): Not Applicable, unless changes.

    Primary (Bullet): No Protection.
    Secondary (Burst): No Protection.

    Impact Hammer:
    Primary (Melee Piston): No Protection. (Maybe push away or knockdown if close enough)
    Secondary (Compressed Air): No Effect. (Maybe push each other away or knock each other down if used at the same time)

    Primary (Translocation Disk): Destroy or Push away an enemy translocator disk trying to telefrag.
    Secondary (Activate Translocation Disk): Not Applicable.

    Other Applications

    Fall Damage:
    When falling from a high point, when timed and aimed accordingly dampen some of the falling damage you take when landing and/or counter/slow falling velocity lessening the damage you take.

    Knock Down: (Debatable, would be useful for stealing a weapon)
    If close enough (in your face) push and enemy off their feet causing them to drop their current weapon and damage power-up/jump boots etc. (Unless Carrying: Enforcer, Impact Hammer or Translocator.)

    Knock Back: (Debatable, useful for a slight range defense against Impact Hammer primary)
    Knock a player back a short distance or pause/slow their movement momentum briefly if not close enough for Knock Down.

    Team Boosting:
    Crouch and let a team mate jump over you pushing them upward some distance while they are in the air.

    Light Weight Vehicles:
    Manta: Push a manta off course from you.
    Scorpion: Push and roll over a scorpion. (Maybe knocking the driver out of the vehicle.)

    Self Propulsion:
    While in my original concept using the alt-fire would give you a small propulsive boost if you were in already in the air by means of jumping, impact jumping and used to counter falling velocity. I feel this could still be balanced in and not break levels no more and less than the hammer jumping does, as it was a weaker boost only usable in air. The GIF animation I made for it was a bit exaggerated.

    Demonstration of deflecting in an old game with Force Push: Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast v1.02

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    [Concept] Impact Hammer: Alternative Fire
    [Concept] Game Mode: Infiltration

    [Concept] Impact Hammer: Alternative Fire
    [Concept] Game Mode: Infiltration


      The hammerjump idea is pretty cool, the rest seems like a little much.


        Dampening hitscan damage? Kinda riding a bit dangerously there...

        But as I said earlier, the air burst has to be balanced so low gravity does not allow air bursts to become a form of improvised flight.
        Change for the worse, and you regret every moment.
        Change for the better, and you can't live without it.
        Having the will to embrace change is the real challenge.
        --Captain Crit


          Originally posted by Captain Crit View Post
          Dampening hitscan damage? Kinda riding a bit dangerously there...
          Well I think the impact hammer should have some form of defense, the current projectile shield already blocks hitscan as well did the shield gun in UT2k4. The concept around the "cloud/Puff of smoke" is that it would form after the compressed air is released and be used as a tactical stationary shield for a very short period of time before it disperses. So you would need to think ahead before you use it for hitscan defense, such as using it as cover on a weapon pick/powerup up or leaving it behind you while being chased in a tight corridor giving you that extra defense to get around the corner to pick up that health pack or using it to give you something to dodge behind in defense of hitscan, a few examples. I'll make a new animation showing how the air transfers into creating the cloud. Overall though I think it could be a more skillful balance from the UT2004 shield gun 'press and hold', and more tactical than the current implementation.

          Think of the current implementation, but an electrical dust cloud forms for a short period of time where the shield disappears. Except the compressed air (current shield) would not block hitscan so you'd have to position the cloud accordingly to yourself and enemy position.

          Originally posted by Captain Crit View Post
          But as I said earlier, the air burst has to be balanced so low gravity does not allow air bursts to become a form of improvised flight.
          As I said the "self propulsion" would need to be a small boost, and low gravity doesn't mean no gravity. I think the propulsion could be change to 'if falling, reduce fall velocity, not give boost height' and oppose to 'if moving upward or at peak, give small boost height.'

          EDIT: Added the gif animation
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          [Concept] Impact Hammer: Alternative Fire
          [Concept] Game Mode: Infiltration


            Any changes to the impact hammer which add movement options is ok to test and debate. But the talk about implementation of some defensive shield function gotta stop. UT2003 & UT2004 clearly proved how defensive game play become with a shield gun. I clearly remember how UT99 had a more enemy to enemy confrontation , instead of a constant cat chase mouse syndrome.


              I agree with lo2dk here, the air boost after hammer jump looks interesting, however the projectile reflection seems just too much. but keep trying!


                I must say I agree and disagree with the two previous posts. I agree that the protection the shield gun offered in 2kx was ridiculous and broke both games. It had too much protective potential due to its regen. I disagree that the impact hammer shouldn't provide protection though. The current air burst is pretty cool and very useful. It has prevented me from certain shock combo spawn death by shooting the ball and disrupting a potential combo, and it has saved me from getting hit by rockets on multiple occasions.

                I do think it could use some changes though, specifically to make it a little more useful. I think the fact that it destroys things is bad. It should deflect energy weapons and shrapnel. I would like to see it make the rockets go haywire and spin out of control and have a chance to still hit you. Right now I can destroy 3 spiraling rockets without getting hurt and that's a little nuts . The burst should have a slightly longer life time to increase its usefulness vs other weapons like the link and mini, cause right now its not effective at blocking them. With these changes, I think the gun should be limited to 3 bursts per spawn to prevent cat and mouse gameplay.

                This is just my opinion. I like the burst as is but it could Bea little cooler and more useful as stated above. I would hate to see it go, but I would be content if it remained the same.


                  I actually think boost jump should come with a "cost" and (40?) health is a fair trade... for a simple but perfect design, it's a tactic choice... not a simple option.

                  Secondary shield is a lost art in the UT franchise.... it created many smart(backing away from loosing fight), useful(sniping guard when charging through AS maps), team oriented(blocking/protecting capper/Destructible OBJ), life saving(parachute break fall), fancy(Bio hopping) usages... loosing it was a shame indeed... like a whole set of arts/craft/skill dumped...

                  UT1 had a burst hammer that bounces rocket away if timed correctly... I never got it to work... simply let go charge to have that happen? orhold up secondary(shield) and while shield up, charge and let go primary, (use hammer ammo, like deplete shield) to create a short (about 1/4 size/range shown on pic.. because... GitGud?) EMP shock wave that bounce off/back rocket/nade/anything that isn't "insta".. AND it does extra DMG to cars? there, UT99,2K4,3,this thread, answered... PS. Can't expect to hold the shield up to "always ready" for this, because shield up = draining impacthammer ammo..

                  REALLY should have made a thread for this... dev prabably not going to see...