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[Concept] Lightning Gun - Redesigned

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    [Concept] Lightning Gun - Redesigned

    After reading A redesigned Shock Rifle by Tidal Blast, I thought the primary he thought of could better fit the lightning gun. A while back in a live stream Epic talked about how two people fighting with lightning guns in close quarters could be more visually interesting than replacing the sniper rifles role of being perched in concealment.

    Lightning Gun Concept

    Hold to charge up the damage power output of the lightning bolt (could increase range also), release to shoot. (Delay between shots like the sniper rifle if primary is tapped.) Consumes ammo over time of the charge. (See Video Below).

    No Scope!
    Hold down to release a constant medium range of lightning/tesla coil effect that arcs off enemy players in close vicinity to one another, consuming ammo and doing damage over time.

    Anyway just wanted to throw this concept out here it's not perfect but I saw a correlation for the Lightning Gun from what Tidal Blast suggested for the Shock Rifle and I haven't seen much talk about the lightning gun lately.

    Video of one of the hitscan weapons in Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast Multiplayer v1.02 showing the charging, though it doesn't allow for you to charge it up without the scope, sorry!

    Primary Fire:

    Secondary Fire:

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    A fair idea. A laser marker during charging would be nice (that's how real life Electrolasers work, plus would help with aiming while alerting the other player).
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      Interesting. It would work but how to balance it with other weapons. Actually this could be a good starting weapon, lightning Enforcer.


        I don't think this would be very fun to use or get killed by, I imagine it would be super un-fun to get killed by it's alt fire.

        Especially compared to the reliable sniper the lightning gun has been previously.


          Charging is horrible, the LG is fine as it is. safe the whole cosmetics.