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Short Time Burst-Beam Long Range Weapon Idea ~ The Swiper

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    Short Time Burst-Beam Long Range Weapon Idea ~ The Swiper

    This idea originally began sort of as a joke, but I realized it could be actually be a decent and exciting part of a fast paced FPS. For the purpose of this thread I will refer to it as The Swiper.

    As it is merely one firing mode, it could be mixed with a pre-existing weapon or type of weapon. I will refer to it as if it is a single weapon in the thread because it is easier.

    The core concept is a mix between a hitscan sniper/rail/lightning type gun and the link gun secondary.

    Picture a rail/lightning gun that instead of unloading all its damage in an instant, has a hitscan beam lasting somewhere in-between 0.2 and 0.4 seconds with infinite range or practically infinite range as far as DM/Duel maps are concerned. Full damage being of course quite a bit more than 70 damage. It having a reload time quite a bit higher than the current sniper rifle.

    The concept could also work with it being projectile based, for example, being a burst long-range higher speed, more accurate alternate fire for the gattling.

    It wouldn't be quite click the pixel, so it would be more situational than traditional semi-auto hit-scan weapons, and it wouldn't be continuous fire, making it effectively unspammable.

    ~ Usage scenarios I reckon would arise

    ¤ Against a target that hasn't seen you yet, timing it to follow the person's movements when you can predict it.

    ¤ Exploiting bad/predictable movement in medium to long range combat

    ¤ Catching people in the air when they jump via jump pads or jump/dodge from lifts

    ¤ If weapon switch times gets reduced (which is probably likely), setting people up for predictable trajectories first with another weapon, like a rocket, and then follow up with The Swiper.

    ¤ Enough full damage for desperate risk-it-all bodyhugbzzzt to be a possible way to win a fight when cornered, yet a definite gamble and likely a death sentence upon failure due to a long cooldown.

    I imagine it would be a very cool weapon from a spectator's point of view when it comes to watching high level play.

    ~ Possible Issues

    ¤ Could end up being very situational against opponents that have a high amount of awareness and tendency towards evasion and possibly very good against opponents less proficient in those respects. This could yield a situation where it being balanced for competitive play would possibly make it extremely strong in a match between less proficient or less experienced players who have decent mouse control.

    ¤ Might not have much of a usage area at all if weapon switching stays at current speed due to non-reliability if it is the only weapon one will have time to use in a fight.

    Note: I am not advocating this replacing the Sniper Rifle in particular... The Bio currently has negligible use, for instance... the link gun primary brings nostalgia, but feels rather un-elegant in its current form... the minigun alltogether and the link gun secondary being in the same game could be argued to be somewhat functionally redundant, even though mini is projectile and longer range.
    If it did replace the Sniper Rifle, I imagine it would be proper for the other firing mode to be instant shot hitscan. Possible problems with that could be a desire to have zoom on the weapon that is supposed to fill the long ranged instant shot niche which I assume UT4 is intended to have... though... zoom could just be another button and only be usable with certain weapons instead of occupying an entire firing mode slot on a weapon.

    I'm sure more usage areas or possible problems hypothetically exist, so, uhm, Swipe 'em out of your fingertips onto your keyboard if you find the idea interesting or find it very unviable and would like to Swipe it into the trash bin with good criticism.
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