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    Idea About Weapon Picking

    First of all, i'd like to say that RL alt-fire feels amazing after playing it. Although primary fire can be faster reloading, it feels GOOD to use and will get better in time.

    Now I have a proposition to make: What if you could make weapon spawns based on our preferred weapons? Let me clarify:

    So I prefer Biogun over Grenade Launcher, they share the same weapon slot. But there's only Grenade Launcher spawn on that map. So I set my preference to biogun on weapon settings, that way Biogun is spawned in place of GL- but just for those prefering it. Others get their normal weapon from that spawn- GL.

    Same goes for lightning gun and sniper. Really liked it in UT 2004, which was a mutator actually. So when i go to sniper spawn, I could get lightning gun OR sniper that way. This time it goes as a "personal" mutator.

    What are your thoughts? Since there's going to be a lot of weapons, can't it be made?
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