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My weapon ideas.

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    My weapon ideas.

    I like this game, I don't think it's dead.However, as a player, I have some ideas.

    --Bio gun
    -I suggest you check my post link my opinions 'n' stuff.
    however, more features for the bio wouldn't hurt.

    --Link Gun
    -remove overheat
    -less damage
    -more pull on a tractor beam

    --rocket launcher
    -add grenades back.
    -add the spiral of rockets

    - the gun is fine
    -I think we should an alt. version of this gun. all guns for that matter.
    -an alt would be the Singularity Cannon I think.

    --Grenade launcher.
    (NOTE) if you read my post you would know some less drastic changes I would make to it. but this what actual changes I would make to it.
    -prime fire is a sticky bomb that explodes on player contact.(basically the old sticky bomb without the timer)
    -sec. fire changes between different firing modes of Incendiary, Fragmentary, Smoke, Toxic, EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse), and Concussion. Which are self-explanatory.
    - tertiary explodes sticky.

    ---random gun ideas---
    ~~~~5CS elemental mt~~~~ (5 combo-centric elemental multi-tool)
    -prime fire is a flamethrower (low range)(low damage)
    -sec. is a projectile lightning orb. different than shock because the orb doesn't have direct damage but in the range of it lightning will streak out to the target. travels slowly.(low damage)
    - tertiary is a shotgun burst of ice(med. damage up front)
    -hold down tertiary for a short range burst of air.(only knock back)
    -shot sec. at feet to raise the earth pills around you to launch you high (if you jump)and push the enemy away.(low damage)
    ------(note) this gun is basically made of combos------
    - tertiary+prime(hold) = steam blast. steam has meh range low DPS but the steam pulls enemies into the air.
    -sec(not at the same time) + prime(not at the same time)= laser sniper (high damage) (takes a lot of ammo)
    -tertiary + sec= a lightning net that is conducted by ice, think bio net but bios are ice and the laser is lightning. It pushes players forward keeping them in the net.the net gets bigger as the ice spikes spread damage does less damage as it moves.low range and widespread rates.
    -ground shot + tertiary hold = surrounded by rock projectiles. med. range no knockback. bad damage
    -tertiary hold + teriary= makes ice warp unpredictable.
    -low damage
    -combos take more ammo.
    -low range.
    built as a tool for survival in wood areas unexpectedly turned fatal. the company either had to, A. revoke tool from shops, or B. sell as a weapon. the company decided to rename it from elemental smt to 5cs elemental mt.
    I feel like this could act as an alt to the shock rifle or flak but I much preferred the former.

    ~~~~~~~~~shoulder salvo~~~~~~~~~~
    -prime shoots burst of 4 missiles has low fire rate. low damage per rocket. locks on
    -sec. shoots 8 missiles at the same time and moves towards the cursor.low damage per rocket. lock on does not get taken into account. low fire rate.
    -1 full volley directly hit is less than a 1 direct hit with a rocket.
    -lower splash damage.
    -pretty slow firing speed
    -has a laser.
    -missiles are faster than rockets
    -bigger splash
    -locks on faster
    shoulder mounted and it looks like an M.L.R.S.
    mathematician and a missile crazed psychopath combined their knowledge to make this unique weapon.
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