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Changes that should be reverted for the weapons

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    1) I don't feel a pain from that, but yes, it's strange innovation.
    2) that 1 of the reasons, why I delete the game and now wait, when it's come back.
    3) don't try personally, but understand and full agree about it. For what that was do?
    4) you don't write, but hummer to DM! Back hummer!
    5) hidden weapon?

    I think, innovations must be is new solutions, but without killing some classics things. For example new firing mode of bio - it's new, on new buttons and do hardest weapon in the game is more pliable, I find it good stuff.
    Take of grenades from rl, after 1,5 year using it, add gl and change that piece of metal on bio - no good idea, imo. Many many people scream about it, but epics don't hear or ignore us, and walk your own way. They use us when it need, when it comfort, but ignore, when have own opinion. Go crying

    sry ma bat englash =)
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  • Changes that should be reverted for the weapons

    I know there are many posts and threads like this, but here are my thoughts on what changes should be reverted for the weapons. I thought the feedback section would be a good place to post this. This may not be informative, but here I go.

    1. Overheat of the Link Gun: When I first played this game, I happened to notice that for the Link Gun, and didn't like it very much. It sorta ruined the flow of the weapon overall. What happened to the unrestricted primary fire this weapon boasted?

    2. Grenades for the Rocket Launcher: Another common complaint is the removal of the grenades from the Rocket Launcher. One of the developers stated that grenades added "unnecessary complexity" but I don't see anything complex about that.

    3. Redeemer: Since both fire modes are now missile guided, it ruins the charm of the signature BFG of the Unreal Tournament series. Remember the good old days of having the primary fire non-guided? Well, that's gone at the moment.

    All I'm saying, is consider returning those weapons to the states they were in before the subsequent updates. If any of the developers really notice this, that'd be really appreciative.