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    Super Weapon ideas

    ----SUPER WEAPONS----

    Ion Painter.

    3 firemodes- beam (same as in ut2k4) , remote (take control of the satellite to fire clusters of small energy projectiles in different areas) , and decimate (charged beam for complete map-incineration) .

    Target Painter.

    Summons an airstrike group rather than just one ship for total area decimation via bombs.

    Photon Star.

    Generates the power of a star to fire a beam of energy twice the height of a Skaarj in diameter that destroys the environment, but it takes alot to move the beam around, and it only lasts for 3 seconds.

    Ripper as a super weapon that bounces around more or less continually for 30 seconds or something (dont waste it in an open environment)
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      Unreal 2's singularity gun. Man that thing would be awesome in Siege.


        The singularity gun was one of the best new super weapons they came up in a unreal game, Though it would be great if it had a secondary fire, something like a portal that spawns in front of the gun eating everything during 20 seconds

        I do like the photon star weapon a lot as it seems to be a fun super weapon to use like a sort of super angry laser, as a secondary fire I suggest some sort of much thinner beam that bounces, when you start shooting a tiny indicator beam tells the whole trajectory before it releases its power