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    A Few Thoughts

    First off, for a game so early in its development, Great job! onto a few thoughts that i had while playing it a few minutes ago

    Lightning gun - i like the idea of a charged shot, but i would recommend making the sound effect linked to it more subtle. as it is at the moment, it is too loud to make the weapon enjoyable to use. the idea to chain to nearby enemies for reduced damage was brilliant, very nice there.

    Flak Cannon - this was one of my favorite weapons from UT04 and was my favorite of the non-super weapons. This weapon here still felt good to use, but one thing i missed in this version of it is the Flak Ricochet, especially in the Flag Grenade(alt fire).

    Redeemer - to be fair, i only used this in the Tutorial, but i dont think the primary fire should be guided, i liked the option to "Fire and Forget" in 04, because it gives the user an option that doesn't make them as vulnerable, while still making it a threat to the enemy team, to a lesser extent. I may have just not noticed it in PVP, but this doesn't seem to damage the user, though like i said, i could have missed it while being obliterated by it.

    Rocket Launcher - The lockon is a fun theory, but for a weapon that can dish out as much damage per shot as this, i think the 3 shot lockon is kinda overkill against newer players, while simultaneously being extremely hard to use against experienced players. who can either take advantage of how the game guides the shots, or just keep breaking LoS. one thing i think could be added is a chain into the alt-fire - if you primary fire right before releasing the rockets, they "clump", having 3 rockets twisting around each other, rewarding good aim and skill with the rocket, while at the same time still allowing players to maintain the 3 shot spread if they wish.

    Link Rifle - the overheat was a nice touch, but right now it just isn't noticible. you maybe skip one or two shots to reset your heat sink, which just isn't relevant in combat. it was cool to see this one return the way it did, but the alt fire "ribbon" felt a bit weak to me, as it was extremely hard to keep it on a target for any meaningful length of time.

    Enforcer - interesting weapon, as a starting weapon it certainly could be worse. alt fire burst was a nice touch

    Minigun - the primary fire was spot-on, not overly punishing to get clipped with, but still could cut someone down fast if they couldnt return fire or get to cover. my gripe is with the secondary fire, which felt underpowered. i think if it did a bit more damage it would be better off, but not too much more. i think it was doing 12s, if it was at 15/18 i think it would be in a better spot.

    Bio-Rifle - gonna be honest, i haven't used this outside tutorial, so im not gonna get into it much

    Impact Hammer - while the distortion field is an interesting concept, for as much hitscan as the game has, this has no real relevance, and could(and probably should) be replaced with a shield system, which can take a limited amount of abuse as long as its channeled. 100 channel pool, which drains at a set rate as long as its channeled. the pool also takes any damage the shield would take, so it can only block a few shots, but at it is now, its only effective against the Bio-rifle, Rocket Launcher and Link Rifle primary fire.

    Shock rifle - spot on

    Other suggestions

    give players a base doublejump, with the jump boots taking precedence for a second jump. this may just be me from the standpoint of a UT04 fan, but the utter lack of a double jump without a 3 charge pickup was really annoying.

    the only other thing i can think of is surrounding the pop-up numbers. i think they are a good thing to have active in the tutorial, and maybe VS AI games, but remove them for PVP, or make them toggle(gonna be honest, i didnt check in game, i feel stupid about it if that was an option).