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    I know it's supposed to be a last resort weapon, but it needs to be improved nonetheless. The biggest problem is the spread. It's already a slow and weak weapon, forcing you to slow your fire to limit the spread only handicaps it even further. Alt fire is even more useless than primary due to the spread, those rounds will miss even if you aim correctly.

    UT99 enforcer was a viable weapon, and with two, powerful in certain situations. More importantly, it was fun to use instead of frustrating.

    I agree. The enforcer is nearly worthless as a weapon. I will often run for a better gun rather than waste my time with the enforcer. More accuracy would be fantastic, though perhaps the level of inaccuracy could be linked to movement, particularly direction changes, since enforcers are short and there is not a buttstock to steady the weapon?

    Also, I have only had dual enforcers once in UT4(2020?), and discovered that the guns simultaneously fire, rather than firing alternately. That makes one miss more likely to be two misses, with the wait time between shots remaining the same. I disapprove. The each enforcer should alternate fire, doubling the rate of fire evenly through time. Ideally, the dual enforcer alternate fire mode should allow for smooth continuous fire, without the long delay.

    Finally, Crotch Shot is hilarious and needs to come back. My friends and I have been using it for roughly 18 years along with Strangelove redeemers, and would be happy to do so for another 20 years, if at all possible. They were made by independent modders for UT99, so I assume they won't be too hard to reproduce.

    Please and very much Thanks to you all!