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Lightning Gun versus Sniper Rifle

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    For me, the biggest difference between these two weapons is that you can actually trace the shot back to the player so the player needs to readjust his/her position almost after every shot. But with sniper rifle, it is not easy to do that.

    Also with every gizmo including portable thermo-nuclear weapons available, a sniper rifle?
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      Originally posted by nvz View Post
      Posts like this are what makes the community look bad.
      True. No one appreciates talk like that, and therefore you won't be taken seriously either.

      Originally posted by Tycerax View Post
      For me, the biggest difference between these two weapons is that you can actually trace the shot back to the player so the player needs to readjust his/her position almost after every shot. But with sniper rifle, it is not easy to do that.
      Unless a laser sight is added to the Sniper Rifle, perhaps?


        I would agree that the Lightning gun is more sci-fi. But it is Unreal, so there is a possibility of an even newer gun! Think outside the box guys we want NEW UNREAL!!!!!

        Instead of a "Stinger Minigun" Perhaps there could be a Tarydium Rifle, that has the same effect as stinger alt fire, but far more deadly and works like a sniper rifle? that is my suggestion UNREAL RULES!!!!!!!


          Originally posted by Neorej View Post
          Unless a laser sight is added to the Sniper Rifle, perhaps?
          That can get mixed with Ion Painter (if it gets its place in game too). If we find a truly unique way to differentiate Sniper Rifle and Lightning Gun, I'm good with either/both but until then I would want Lightning Gun on board.
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            LG all the way + a mut to replace the LG with a sniper so everyone is happy


              sniper-rifle for me, i have to admit that i got used to it since the first days of ut and the lightning-gun felt totally wrong to me and still does. the lightning-gun is physical just too impossible to become accepted. its too obscure and feels like an occult weapon
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                Originally posted by spighty
                Whoever prefers a sniper rifle over a lightning gun, please kill yourself.

                And remove the possibility to do headshots, its random and not useful for a competetive game.
                Clearly you have anger issues, and don't know what you're talking about.

                There's no excuse for childish comments like that, and there's nothing random about the numerous players who aim for an consistently hit headshots.


                  Lightning gun no doubt. It kicks *** and has this natural anticamp feature.
                  The sniper is not enough sci-fi and, well, is just plain boring. It doesnt fit with the rest of the Weapons.

                  Edit: And please bring back the burning heads :-)
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                    Lightning gun vs. Sniper rifle...

                    I think this argument is really more about the aesthetic visuals instead of actual functionality. Both are already technically sniper rifles by definition... but really not that much in practice in UT.

                    Typical sniper rifles have very low rate of fire, large recoil/kick-back and generally used for very long-range combat. They require a steady grip and timed aiming (professional snipers fire their weapons in-between heartbeats) - neither of which is how UT's sniper rifles work. Sure, we CAN use them like that now, but given the history of the weapon in UT and how it's utilized in competitive tournaments, the fact that it can be used for run-and-gun close-quarter combat, fired from the hip with zero penalties (no reduced accuracy and no recoil), and its high ROF, it's really not a sniper rifle at all.

                    But do we want a true-to-life sniper rifle in UT? I'm pretty sure the overwhelming majority of us, me included, do not. We want a weapon that is instant-hit (or almost instant-hit) with a relatively fast rate of fire, high damage per shot, headshot capabilities, a single large magazine (just like all the other weapons), a tracer or some kind of visual indicator of where the shot came from and the zoom feature.

                    Now we're getting into the functionality of what the quintessential UT sniper rifle should be.

                    SaunaCowboy mentioned a "very very fast projectile" instead of 100% hitscan. My initial reaction was "That is not UT." But that knee-jerk reaction is really something I'd like to see less of in these forums. Keeping an open mind is going to be crucial so that our new UT will stay true to its roots but also be fresh and innovative. The idea is worth entertaining. Yes, hitscan can be very powerful in games like UT and I'm sure most of us don't want another hitscan-spam-only game. My views however, are that a lot of us already have to lead our shots because of latency, so why add more latency to a traditionally hitscan weapon? Also, my experience in other games that have projectile-based sniper rifles has further strengthened my opinion that UT's sniper rifles should always be hitscan. They would be less viable considering how the combat is in UT. I would consider it an unnecessary nerfing of the weapon. Players already move fast and I've noticed a general sentiment that the next UT should have even faster player movement. Rather than changing the round fired from hitscan to projectile, I would prefer lowering the rate of fire instead... to what? Well, that should be determined during the play testing phase when we'll get a true understanding of how player movement will be.

                    I like the idea of a powerful sniper rifle that rewards skilled, twitch-shots. Increasing the damage but lowering the ROF would be ideal for this, in my opinion.

                    As for the visual aesthetic... I voted Lightning Gun. This feels more sci-fi to me than the, in my opinion, anachronism that is a sniper rifle in a futuristic game like UT. But why limit our choices to these two options? What about a railgun? Or as Bah_Mee suggested, a "Tarydium Rifle" that fires Tarydium shards like UT3's Stinger, only hitscan. This does after all, fit in with the lore. Again, this is all visual aesthetic, not really locked to the actual functionality of the weapon.

                    What about the sound aesthetic? If we do get a lightning gun, I hope it'll be an actual thunder clap, not the weak, pitiful spark sound like UT2k4's lightning gun.

                    Then there are the less traditional ideas...

                    A sniper rifle or lightning gun with incendiary or electrical rounds... Perhaps lowered base damage but 100% "chance to ignite". I say 100% because UT is about consistent and reliable weapons, so even this crazy idea needs some UT-like functionality injected into it. My current opinion is that this is not desirable. We would even have to decide how much this DOT (damage over time) should last and how much damage it should inflict. Granted, though we already have such a weapon, UT3's Bio Rifle's secondary fire mode (fully charged), should the other weapons be given the same abilities? Personally, I think not. That would change the gameplay too much to be considered quintessential UT.

                    Then there's the idea of removing the headshot ability. When Hell freezes over and this is actually implemented in UT, I hope the weapon's damage is significantly increased. Quake 3's Railgun comes to mind. But a UT sniper rifle without headshots...? I just can't see this happening. And I hope it doesn't.
                    Epic implemented a pretty controversial mechanic to UT3's sniper rifle - the dynamic headshot hitbox. Stand still and all of your enemies' headshot hitboxes were widened by... was it 175%? But any time you're moving, their hitbox was actually shrunk to... I think about 80% of its size. Their reason for this was to make the sniper rifle be more useful as a traditional sniper rifle than a run-and-gun weapon. But again, is this the weapon we want in UT?

                    Ahh, yet there's so much more...

                    These are exciting times! We're all developers now.


                      Originally posted by «MechikTåj» View Post
                      Lightning gun vs. Sniper rifle...

                      MAGICAL WORDS OF WISDOM
                      MECHY FOR PRESIDENT!!!
                      I think we should try to think up new weapons, with similar functions! Its Unreal!!! you know you wanna! More cool weapons!!!
                      seriously I loved this post so much, great words mech, I agree with this!


                        Both like 2k4... with the ability to select which 1 comes out as the default if u are carrying both if they put them on the same weap key like 2k4.
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                          I voted sniper, because IMO the LG felt too much like Q3 railgun.* However, not the UT2004 sniper ... I'm not sure why, but it never felt quite right. The UT99 sniper was my favorite, but I do think it needs a clear tracer to discourage camping, so UT3's sniper is probably closest to what I want.

                          Please make the headshot animation explosively gory.

                          *I've played more UT2004 than UT99 & UT3 combined, so there's no bias here.
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                            The original Unreal Tournament sniper rifle was painfully bland. It looked thoroughly out of place against all the other exotic weaponry. The actual model was quite ugly too. It's fire rate and the ridiculous 'head' shot hitbox rendered it hopelessly overpowered. The Lightning gun was an improvement in every conceivable way. It looked perfectly at home in the Unreal universe, had a sensible recharge time between shots (the weapon even had an animation to sort of 'justify' this in some way), drew an impressive looking tracer to discourage camping and was capable of inflicting much more aesthetically pleasing damage. The only thing that it could possibly have done with, and this has been mentioned several times already, is a slightly more formidable firing sound.


                              I think both have a place if balanced right
                              sniper rifle could be : quick firing, lower damage(30) , no tracer , less head shot damage (60). kill animation would just be normal corpse falling over and on a headshot the head would be flying off
                              lightning gun : slow firing, high damage (50) , very visible tracer like 2k4 , more head shot damage (100). kill animation could be the corpse spasming with arcs crawling over it and on a head shot kill the head would explode into a cloud of gore
                              damage numbers are just for comparison


                                ok, new weapon, dump both LG and sniper...

                                Sniper shock rifle. Looks nearly like the Sniper rifle, but shoots a nearly instant energy charge that can do headshots. It is NOT the shock rifle with the secondary blast. alt fire zooms. Now have fun with your ending death reactions.

                                Part of the LG purpose it reveals where the shooter is, the UT3 sniper was given a small projectleshooter color exhaust that reveals the shooters position, pretty much about going after the cheaters. botters, and campers.