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Biorifle - current build suggestions( 12/04/2014)

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    Biorifle - current build suggestions( 12/04/2014)

    The current implementation is this:

    Load up secondary bio rifle to max capacity then release, then switch to link and shoot the bio blob with link secondary for a second until the bio blob expands into a web.

    Web lasts a minute or so? Its easily destroyable, especially if the initial blob is targeted.

    I apologize to anyone in advance if they have conveyed any of these ideas on the forums at an earlier date! Also I'm on a cellphone so the format might be bad.


    I used this effectively in a duel yesterday vs a high skilled player, but it is very very hard to pull off. I basically had to control the shock rifle because it's so easy to combo and destroy the web. After I did that I shot a blob in the curvy cooridor where ripper used to be on deck. I strategically shot it and then went on my way fighting my opponent only to activate it as I was running away. Once i activated the web it caused the player to have to back track to elevators. It didn't kill the player but it did act as an aod because they didn't have an effective web destroying weapon. (We didn't know the impact pulse shot destroyed them)

    I managed to kill the player by placing a blob on the ceiling of the shock cubby and expanding it from there, but once the player learned I was doing this he had no problem avoiding further webs.

    It seems that the success of the bio web depends on tricky placement of the initial blob. If the blob is not in los of the player, then the web is significantly harder to destroy if no splash damage weapons are available.

    I have a few suggestions to make this bio web more useful and more practical.

    1) make the web activate by shooting your own blob with other weapons in addition to the link secondary. Make it take x amount of damage to activate the web with any weapon. If the blob is stationary on the ground, make it take a sufficient amount of damage to activate the web at a distance. Maybe 2/3 shots with sniper and shock. 2 shots with rockets, and maybe 2-3 seconds of constant fire from link/mini. The player who created the web should not be able to destroy it with anything other than secondary impact hammer.

    Shooting a blob in the air then hitting it with a hitscan weapon to activate the web in the air would not only make it extremely useful, but it would look cool as hell. (Cafe suggested this a while back AFAIK). I could blanket an area with the web, and that would rock.

    2) make the web have significantly more health than it currently does. Right now a player can just load up rockets or shoot a combo at it and it doesn't really stop them for more than a second if at all depending on then distance they discover the web at.

    3) make the web only destroyable by the impact hammer secondary pulse shot, but make it really effective at destroying it. Making them switch to impact hammer takes time, but it also puts the player out of the fight for a few seconds.

    These a just a few suggestions. I love the initial idea and I hope it is expanded further t make it more useful and not just a failed idea. I'm not sure how my suggestions would make this weapon over powered, but we don't know until it can really be tested.

    Seems interesting to me, but by the time you actually pull it off a good player will have you pinned.

    The weapon needs a primary that is long distance in my opinion, like the shards of the stinger they should travel full screen and stick to a surface. Then you could simply shoot the charge blob with the primary and explode it.


      I'm also not sure about this Link gun needed to activate it, I'd prefer any weapon would be fine really and only one shot needed. But I think the explosion/damage by it should be toned down if so because it's easier/faster to make it so it should also be toned down damage wise for balancing. This way it would be more fun to use but still balanced.

      The idea about Hammer 2ndary to destroy it is an interesting idea for sure but it would very likely be overpowered with such mechanic, at least with the current weapon switch speed (which is also something I'd like to see tweaked). With a fast enough weapon speed it might work but currently not, you'd already be dead in many situations "stuck in a dead-end" before being able to respond to the player likely chasing you because meanwhile destroying bio web you'd already have some rockets up your ****. :P
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