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Instagib Rifle - Brainstorming

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    Instagib Rifle - Brainstorming

    Before anyone jumps in here saying dont touch the instagib rifle its the best thing ever, I agree. UT99 Instagib is what my UT addition is all about. However as the rest of the weapons are getting new toys and features, why not add to the instagib rifle? Im thinking of ways to add to the instagib rifle to make the game type even more open to new players and dynamic.

    Im not talking features like Shock Combo and Sniper scope.

    One of the bigger complaints i remember about the whole boosting debate was that people said it was too hard for new players to understand boosting or do it properly, so ive come up with a few ideas to try and improve that.

    -Primary fire instagib experience will stay the same.
    -Alt fire to the instagib rifle can now be charged up to provide for a larger boost than the primary fire. This will allow new players to get better distance off that first critical shot, i would say 90% of the time you die when being boosted its because the booster didnt hit the second shot, so you land smack dab in the middle of the enemy base or are left falling and vulnerable.
    -Alt fire just shot normally with no charge will have a faster fire rate than primary, have a low boost distance and if someone wants to use alt fire to try and kill someone, it takes 2 shots. Being able to fire the instagib rifle faster will make a missed shot more forgiving to players just learning how to boost. Since holding down alt fire charges, players will have to click individually for each shot.

    Primary Boost: -----------------> Normal fire rate/damage/boost distance
    Alt chrg Boost: ---------------------------> 2-3 Second charge/Normal Damage/Extended Distance
    Alt quick boost: --------> Double fire rate/Half the damage/Least boost distance

    -Burst Fire mode: The idea is that instead of just the normal single shot, you get a burst shot of 3 instagib beams. Instead of these beams being pinpoint accurate to the crosshair however, they have a random spread effect. Time between shots is 2-3 times as long as that of the normal fire rate. The spread will be wide enough so that its really on useful in close quarter ranges. When used to boost, all 3 shots must hit the player in order to equal the boost distance of a single Primary shot boost.


    As a instagibber i support this idea, it's not entirely clear to me, but i like the idea that the second fire will great a double fire, which makes boosting interesting.. If i get it correctly?

    Tho i'm afraid that Epic has no priority right now in tweaking or changing the instagib or any other mutators. But then again, cool idea.
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      Correct, so you know how can you charge the impact hammer? Same thing but with an instagib shot and a great boost.


        In addition to alt fire being charge-able, i'd make it do no damage.

        This would allow boosting to be used even in games with team damage enable and it would be hilarious on maps like Face, where you could push enemies off of the map instead of gibbing them


          I used to play kind of a lot of insta years ago and enjoyed the experience (still today!).

          I support your alt charge boost idea for the moment and I think it can add some nice teamplay actions to some extents but I'm questioning myself about the "fund".

          Instagib basically is a simplified gamemode for people that doesn't really want to have to mess with weapon picking, item timing etc etc and that want to just measure their aim capabilities to others and overwhelm other players capabilities in term of movement and raw aim. Somehow I would say they are pretty right, it's a first person shooter after all where basically the goal is to kill other players. How? By being more unpredictable and sharper in term of aim, the faster and most precise player should destroy them all! Imho, it's the fairest gamemode in term of merit ;p !

          While the first motivation of gibbers is measuring raw skills to others and practice great teamplay coordination (imo), i'm not sure adding several firing features would appeal to them. It would be like an intermediate between nw and insta in a way. Instagib is about instant death that's why I dont see the point of having half hp shoots. Why if you shoot the guy once, not kill him instead of putting him with half the hp? Anyway even though he would be 50hp or w/e, he would still be able to kill you anyway. I feel like it's adding features to a voluntarily simplified and fun gamemode that doesnt need "half-measures" in term of "hp".

          Adding a fresh thing to appeal/renew a bit insta to people is a great thing. Here promoting teamplay with a new boosting feature is a very nice thing but half hp shots, i'm quite unsure. Same from spread shots where insta is directly aimed towards precision shots, so putting enemies on half hp damaging shots .

          I would let the insta do "1 shot 1 kill" like it always was but I would defo see an alt charge boost like you proposed and maybe a link gun like feature for teammate boosting.

          Lets take CTF-Impasse as an example:
          Two team-mates are close to each other around a corner (as a setup maybe) covering the fc. The fc drops down nmy flag stand and come to this corner to the main big room while the 2 mates are covering him. If the 2 guys are close enough (at the expense of course of letting more space to the enemy on their side) the 2 rifles reacts as a linkgun in ut2k*/ut3 and provide you a "special teamplay feature" and you can then with one shot boost greatly the guy and help him pass a dangerous very open area (could work on bloxeh too).
          Two guys are localized on a small area, letting space to other enemies to go to your flag stand and retrieve or intercept you (this balances the teamboost). One enemy shooting would have greater chance also to kill one guy (as they are close enough).
          It's pretty instinctive if when you are close you can see a small bolt of energy linking the 2 guns and encouraging teamplay. If you are alone, you can altfire boost as you proposed and if you set up a 2 man around corner strategy you still have a normal fire rate for each (1 +back cover and the other one boost).
          It's something i would really like to try out. It's pretty simple and intuitive. No "complicated" stuffs whatsoever, the concept of insta is maintained greatly (aim + teamplay).
          Click image for larger version

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            The only reason for the half damage on the fast firing boosting shot, is so that people cant use it to get an advantage and have twice the fire rate. Maybe just make all alt fire shots do zero damage, so they can only be used for boosting.
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              yes ofc but i'm not sure of having different degress of damage in INSTAgib . I would rather see a "double up system". Or like you said in your first post you take 2 seconds to boost but you boost twice the distance, or you perform a setup (or not) and you use teamplay of 2 or 3 guys to boost your fc two or 3 times further.
              One shot one kill everytime, simple and liked mechanic. You can add your alt firing bigger boost or you use teamplay of 2 persons at least (using one to cover and one to boost?) they keep on their 1s normal reload but the teamplay induced in the manoeuvre gives you an edge (basically 1s charge twice the boost as long as the 2 guys keep on staying close enough).
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