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Could the Sniper Rifle be replaced with a Battle Rifle?

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    Could the Sniper Rifle be replaced with a Battle Rifle?

    A lot of people argue over whether it's too much to have two sniper rifles in the game, since they both essentially fulfill the same role. There was also the argument that the lightning gun was included in the game because the Sniper Rifle was seen as overpowered in the right hands as it was difficult to see where bullets were coming from. After seeing some amazing concepts in the Weapon Design forums (especially over in this thread), I began to see the resemblance of some of the designs to the Battle Rifle from Halo, and it led me to believe that something similar may indeed work for the Sniper Rifle.

    If the Lightning Gun is the long range / high damage / slow re-fire gun, then could the Sniper Rifle fit the medium-range / medium damage / medium re-fire niche? Shortening the zoom range on it and potentially making it a 3-round burst and removing its headshot capability (or somehow nerfing it?) may make it a great all-rounder gun that skilled players could still utilise to great efficiency due to it's hitscan (as opposed to projectile) bullets, even at longer ranges.

    EDIT: I actually came up with a fairly good argument for this. In UT2K4, which contained both the Sniper Rifle and the Lightning Gun, the latter wasn't used as much due to the faster firing rate of the Sniper Rifle. UT4 faces this same issue of the LG never being used if the SR is better in every way, so to balance the SR into a different niche of weapon would allow the Lightning gun to shine.

    Now, I know the instant reaction is going to be "but this isn't Halo!" but I think it's well worth considering any opportunity to assess possibilities for changing the weapon balance for the better, and to come up with any potential suggestions and critiques that may advance the overall discussion and progress of the game.

    Thanks Daniel Bauwens for the fantastic concept art that gave me this idea:

    Apologies if this has already been discussed, btw!
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    Honestly, i just dont like the lightning gun. However I wouldnt mind a mid range scoped assault rifle. I still want headshots though.


      as a person who loved marksman rifles in battlefield series, i'd be interested to see how it works in the ut


        I don't think very many people are calling for both sniper rifle and lightning gun to be included. It is probably the weapon that has had the most drastic changes between games in the series, so it's only natural that people will have very different opinions on the ideal design of it since they've adapted to the variation that they already prefer. I'm not sure if Assault or Onslaught communities differed, but in the other gametypes in UT2k4 the sniper rifle was basically non-existent. Even when Deck17 was played it was usually replaced by an LG. The higher rate of fire did not make up for the difficulty of use. A 3-round burst weapon is definitely something the series doesn't have, although personally I think something more like the Arx Buster from Tribes:Ascend would be more interesting than another hitscan weapon.


          IMHO Shock Rifle kinda is what Battle Rifle is to Halo - precision hit scan weapon.

          So the real question is: can you make a battle rifle that's different enough on the practical side.

          The addition of zoom IMHO isn't going to make that difference. UT is a much more fast paced game than Halo and you often can't be bothered to zoom with the sniper rifle, so it would lose it's advantage to Shock Rifle, which has secondary fire with some splash and of course, it's devastating combos. Not to mention the knock-back of the Shock Rifle. And if you made the weapon higher DPS than shock rifle, you'd potentially have an overpowered weapon on your hands.
          Which leads me to the second point - you'd need to think if some secondary fire options and I don't think an under-barrel grenade is going to be good enough.

          So I'm not against the idea of having a marksman rifle, but weapons like Battle Rifle or DMR from Halo would need some serious blink in order to be considered UT-worthy.
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            Originally posted by conX5 View Post
            personally I think something more like the Arx Buster from Tribes:Ascend would be more interesting than another hitscan weapon.
            I will cosign this emphatically. It was one of the few weapons in that game that remained very challenging to use, yet was very lethal, and hence very satisfying to use. It was also pretty versatile.

            I like the idea of a Sniper rifle, and Lightning gun side by side, even if only as an excuse to have a projectile sniper in, whilst still allowing everyone their big hit scan weapon they can't seem to live without.

            This is how I would include them both.

            A sort of burst/trace hybrid might could have a place in UT, but I'm not super fond of more ballistic weapons in the game. Though, it could be another good excuse to play around with fast projectile weapons.
            Originally posted by Mysterial
            An instant hit, accurate, instant kill weapon is overpowered. There's no skill ceiling. It's limited only by the shooter's accuracy. It also severely impairs the defensive side of the game - ignoring ping, it is nearly irrelevant what your opponent does - click the right pixel and you win. Even non-instant kill instant hit weapons are often problematic - the Shock Rifle example is obvious before even getting to other games.