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[concept] New Bio Rifle Functionality

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    the concept for the new bio rifle is interesting, but it isn't the bio rifle.

    what makes the idea behind the basic bio rifle is it's usefulness as a defensive weapon, with primary fire being used to create obstacles for chasers, and the alternate fire as a sneaky quick kill in the original unreal, which evolved to being a blanketing firing mode as well in ut through ut3. unreal championship 2 gave it the gas cloud feature and the spammy bouncing chasing blobs (ripped off from ChaosUT's proxy mine which in my opinion should not be implemented) and ut4 gave ut the rapid fire rolling primary + alt combo, which gave an offensive upper hand to an otherwise very defensive weapon; a cheesie addition as far as rolling balls of sticky stuff goes, but a helpful balancing feature.

    I like that epic is wanting to evolve the bio rifle even further. however, what we have here is ultimately the gassy cousin of the grenade launcher from quake 3 with a very nerfed bio alt fire. having a web that makes someone have to stop and blow up an enormous obstacle slows down gameplay. besides, we already have the bio/link combo, which is great for ctf matches. I do however dig the idea of implementing the cloud, but I'd like to see it similarly to how it was in UC2.

    I'm all for new weapons in the franchise, or perhaps versions of current weapons that can be interchanged with the new "weapon slots" feature, or by using mutators, but you can't make something new and say it's the new version of something that's been around for nearly 20 years. the "bio launcher" as it's been called, is a new weapon in design, and I do hope it can remain that way.

    please do not replace our beloved bio rifle. instead, make the "bio launcher" it's own new thing. oh, and de-nerf the alt fire. Thanks.