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    [PROTOTYPE] Bio (Grenade) Launcher

    Update 17 december 2015: Added Bio Web ability. See new video below.

    Since this isn’t just about a specific weapon design, but involves changes to at least two weapons I will have to make this somewhat TL;DR.

    What I did
    Bring grenades to the Bio Rifle.

    Why I did it

    There are a couple of things I noticed about weapon changes in the official builds, about topics on the forum and on IRC, as well as playing and spectating the game.
    Lately I’ve been combining several of the observations, ideas and issues to come up with something that might address them.

    Among the things I noticed:
    • There have been a number of changes done by Epic to make the bio more fun and useful.
    • Most of the Bio’s firemodes are underused, especially the primary firemode which should be the most generic one. Standard use is loading up the secondary.
    • There have been complaints about the RL grenades.
    • The RL grenades are used very rarely.
    • There have been a number of grenade launchers made by the community.
    • Community members have been attempting to seemingly give the RL every version of every firemode that has ever been in any of the UT games.
    • (New) players don’t seem to discover tertiary firemodes.

    With this in mind I think it would be a good idea to move the Rocket Launcher’s grenade functionality over to the Bio Rifle’s primary fire. The other firemodes remain.

    What this accomplishes

    1. Instead of having two firemodes on the Bio that do area denial in a very similar fashion you now have two distinct ones for different situations.
    2. The already powerful Rocket Launcher loses a clumsy and rarely used firemode, but gains needed simplicity.

    What these grenades are like

    This initial Bio grenade version closely matches the properties of the current Rocket Launcher’s grenade with the main difference that the projectile speed is faster to allow its use in more places and situations, but not so fast that direct hits become too easy.
    Perhaps a much faster grenade speed with a lower amount of damage would feel like a better match for the Bio, but at the moment the overall design decision is more important than the exact specifications of the grenade.

    Download and instructions
    Update: The latest version isn't available as a download yet.

    Pak file download (updated for the 6/26/2015 build)

    Put the file in Documents\UnrealTournament\Saved\Paks\MyContent folder. Create it if it doesn't exist.
    Create a game from the menu. Go to the Custom tab.
    Select the Weapon Replacement mutator in the list and move it to the right.
    Highlight it and hit configure. There select the Bio Rifle on the left and the Bio Launcher on the right.
    Click OK and Play to try this weapon out offline.

    Big thanks to joelll for offering to record a video of my blueprints as my system isn’t quite capable.
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    Love it

    I did wish Bio had prim as sticky and sec as bouncy and both with charge mode Bio and Rox nades are both so weird atm.
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      Really great idea -- I especially like how the original functionality of the bio rifle is still in tact as well, simply tapping the right mouse button will fire a more traditional shot. I really like the idea of a grenade launcher (or similar weapon) being in the game, and the bio rifle seems like the perfect weapon to fit this bill.


        that is really awesome i def would use it on a non competitive style fun game


          I always had the idea to merge grenade launcher and bio. i just dont have the skillz to code or blueprint it. glad you did it. im definetaly a supporter.


            Neat idea, nice implementation. I'd be tempted however to keep the current secondary since it works nicely and is such a classic.


              Originally posted by NATO_chrisjm View Post
              Neat idea, nice implementation. I'd be tempted however to keep the current secondary since it works nicely and is such a classic.
              The suggestion is to change primary to this and keep secondary the same. Maybe I should have showed this in the video.

              I like this, maybe a slight buff to ROF would be nice but otherwise its one of those fire modes I have always missed in ut.
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                It isn't obvious from the video, but as I said in the description this change is one to the Bio Rifle's primary fire. Both the Bio Rifle's secondary firemode and the shower of sliding mini goo blobs that is the tertiary firemode are still intact.
                I'm not sure there is much need for the tertiary firemode with this change, but that's a different subject. Plus, that firemode is still a WIP anyway.


                  This would make bio an option past picking up a 2nd weapon which has pretty much always been the case. Giving the primary speed of light and magnet tendencies cheapens the gun to make it "useful", this would give it some strategic use which is always good


                    Nice idea but it should be less bouncing.


                      Originally posted by e1vp View Post
                      Nice idea but it should be less bouncing.
                      honestly i been trying to find a way to make it explode on impact "like the flak alt fire" and when it hits and blows up it releases smaller globs plus splash damage and charging would release more on the exploding impact.. not very great with coding in the UT4 editor yet.


                        Originally posted by e1vp View Post
                        Nice idea but it should be less bouncing.
                        The solution to less bouncing is more bouncing :P

                        They're not bouncing high enough, so they hit the floor more often, so they hit the floor many times before exploding.
                        If they bounce higher, they're in the air most of the time, so they won't bounce as many times in their life span.
                        They're also more predictable and easy to avoid when they're in the air.
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                          In the video the bounciness is set to the exact same value of the current rocket grenade, they bounce off at 80% of the speed they hit something with.

                          I've tried other values, but honestly I think this works best.

                          Since the bounce percentage also goes for walls it means that at a lower value like 60% you can't really make them go deep into narrow corridors, they run out of steam quickly.
                          At 90%+ bounciness they can't really be used from a height anymore. They bounce back up so much that they spend almost no time at player height, they're just floating high up.

                          As far as making them explode on impact, we already have the flak secondary that does that and I think it works pretty well on that weapon. It's also a firemode that is used often so I see no reason to have 2 weapons with such a similar firemode or remove it from the flak.
                          This firemode on the other hand is meant to take a rare firemode from the rocket launcher and move it to the bio. There are real situations where you'd want to switch away from something like shock to bio with this firemode. At the moment (any UT game really) virtually no one would attempt to do that which shows that the current situational use for bio is simply insufficient.


                            Love this. Looks like it would be really useful in Duel, and it gives Bio more use.

                            Edit: Another idea I had is, why not make primary more like a grenade launcher by allowing you to charge it? Not charge it like the secondary, but where the longer you hold left mouse button for the faster and further the "grenade" flies. This way it could be spammed pretty quickly (like in the video above) for close range area denial, but could also be launched at a much slower rate into further away areas.

                            And maybe if you fully charged it and shot it into a wall at a 90-ish degree angle, it would explode on impact like a Flak shell? I do agree it's a bit repetitive but we could make it do little damage yet have a lot of knockback, or something else to differentiate it from the Flak shell.
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                              Being able to charge it to increase its speed seems like it would become too strong. If I allow it to be sped up where it would make a significant change from the current speed you would quickly enter default rocket speed territory and since these grenades are meant to replace the RL grenades they do 100 damage each which means they would become almost identical to default rockets.
                              I could decrease the damage they do, but then they'd become similar to shock cores and it would mean a nerf to the slow non-charged grenades.