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    [PROTOTYPE] Minigun WIP - Charger Minigun

    Hey guys, I've recently been working on a minigun alternative that I like to call the 'Charger Minigun'.

    Primary Fire: Charger Minigun has a variable spread for the primary fire based on amount of time spent firing, achieving a maximum spread after 2 seconds of continued fire. This spread reduces at a rate of 2.5x the increase rate once firing has stopped. The hope is that with the right set of values it will be beneficial to control your fire at longer distances via bursting, while also reducing the strength of a non-controlled minigun at anything other than close ranges.

    Secondary Fire: Charger Minigun adds charge functionality to the secondary fire. The weapon can be charged up to 1 second, increasing charge level every 0.25 seconds (so charge level goes between 0 and 4). It can be fired at any charge level, and can be held down when fully charged allowing the user to shoot when they want. Makes sounds whilst charging and whilst holding maximum charge. Increased charge levels increase damage and momentum of projectile. (Momentum dictates knockback).
    The idea is to allow skilful players to make use of increased knockback and damage from a well placed fully charged shot, whilst reducing the effectiveness and ease-of-use of full auto stinger secondary fire, which would knock a player back and have a quick enough refire time that consecutive shots would be easy to land.

    I made a quick video to show the two firing modes, I'll try and get a nicer one that shows knockback and damage differences soon.

    If you'd like to try the weapon out you can download it at Just download the pak's and place them in your Documents/UnrealTournament/Saved/Paks/DownloadedPaks folder, then you'll be able to select the 'Charger Minigun Mutator' mutator when creating a custom game which will replace the Stinger with the Charger.
    There is also a .txt file at that rushbase link which gives some details on the numbers for the weapon and a comparison with the official stinger.

    Right now this is a very early version of the gun. I've got the functionality up and running (but no doubt somebody will find a bug somewhere ) and now I would like to try and start tweaking the numbers. Currently they're just my attempt at a reasonable set of variables for damage, knockback, spread etc. but I'm very open to ideas and criticisms people have over the numbers (or indeed any other aspect of the gun!).

    Very interesting !! crosshairs included ?

    To be added on Prime Hubs imo.

    GJ Zoh.
    Cunni, 37 years old, 16 years of UT, 90% CTF, 10% Duel
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      Idd, would love to test this. Using the chargeup should help to differentiate the gun from link secondary by making it a slightly more reliable long range weapon. The chargeup on the shards is also an interesting idea, and makes sense given the new primary fire. Probably much more balanced than the current mini as well :P


        Thats how the primary is supposed to work
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          Looks interesting! Would like to see how it plays


            Hey guys thanks for your responses, sorry I didn't respond sooner.

            Cunni the crosshairs are part of the weapons, sadly I don't know how to set it up so that you can have your own and so they currently override peoples crosshair choices I'm gonna work on making the crosshair a little better because it gets in the way when trying to shoot secondary fire.
            As for getting it on a server for weapon testing, there is a bug with the weapon where the charge functionality on the secondary goes a bit haywire, and I've not really been able to find a way to reliably reproduce the issue, but once I get that sorted out I think it'd be suitable for people to upload to their servers. (Although I don't mind if they do it now but that annoying bug will occur every once in a while :s )

            As for changes to the weapon itself, I feel like maybe I need to make the projectile speed of the secondary a bit faster, feels quite hard to hit with when you can't shoot it the as fast as you can with the default one. (although this could be down to the obstructive crosshair I've currently got going )
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              The current minigun may have the combo fire if when hold primary fire button gun not shoot instantly and prepare shooting 1-1.25 seconds. At this 1-1.25 secodns moment while minigun prepare shooting, can press alt .fire - weapon prepare 2-12 ammo shots, if the button is released or when the maximum charge the combo attack will activated. This combo shot can have +50% accuraty, but -75% firing range. Combo crystals projectile speed is something in between primary and alt. fire. It looks like almost an entire line of crystals, flying one after the other, but almost immediately at one point. After this combo attack the long cooldawn. It is like flak primary fire alternative. Longer prepairing, long cooldown, but the total combo damage is almost the same or a bit less and need greater shooting accuracy than one flak shot.

              Or maybe combo attack prepare 6 ammo shots, +25% accuraty, +25% firing range, +25% projectile speed. Not flak alternative, but sniper rifle or shock rifle alternative.

              Prepairing 1-1.25 seconds shooting in primary fire mode also reduces the amount of the rapid knock and fall down enemy from hoverboard.
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