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The problem with ranked weapons

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    The problem with ranked weapons

    The weapons of UT4 are all very unique , and the differences between them make some work better in some scenarios and worse in others , which is awesome . But there is a problem , which has been caused by automatically switching to the "best" weapon when picking up a new one . This may be nice for newbies , but for the rest it is very annoying , especially when in the middle combat and accidentally picking up a "better" weapon which wasn't proper for the situation . But this is not even the main problem .

    The main problem is that it has enforced a linear hierarchy of all the weapons , making the weapons to be very unbalanced relative to each other . This in turn has made it too important to memorize the maps , which is no fun , and not what UT4 should be about . Rather it should be about learning the weapons , and switching between them depending on scenario .

    So please ditch the whole weapon hierarchy , each weapon should be best at something .

    There is no linear hierarchy, just the default setting. "Switch to best weapon" bind auto-switch on pickup were present in every UT since 1999. However the hierarchy of what's best can be (and should be) changed by each player to what they conider to be best for them.

    Auto-switch on pick up is a feature that can be disabled, and that's what the majority of the players do when they get used to the game. Best weapon bind is also usually used only with modified priority list.
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