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    Lacerator concept

    More then half a year ago, I did this concept, but did not create new topic, becouse picture looks bad for understanding and need to translate a lot of text. This topic is not about to steal something from this forum (Krall spear). I remembered about this concept from reading another topic and I agree with people that weapon like spear is good in UT. Super weapon with crystal better for Skaarj I think.

    Lacerator (Krall technology). Super weapon as redeemer super weapon. It has two charges, two ammo, two use. It looks like a spear with two the same blades, handgrip in the middle. Each blade is a charge. The two blades, two charges. This weapon on earth is folded in half but in hand it has a full-length. Weapon folded in one direction only course.

    Primary fire - press once primary fire button - owner raises a spear over. This attack has AOE effect and its size a little more than 1/2 of redeemer AOE size. Each blade consists of 20 segments, 20 mini charges. Each mini charge starts after activating attack. Each mini charge causes 50 points of damage to random enemy, vehicle or object. The blade begins to melt from the top down before reaching the handgrip. There is no enemy or is an enemy, after activation of one of the blades will melt completely. Blade is melted in 3 segments per second (150 damage per second) completely melted for 6,5-7 seconds (becouse 20 segments). Each segment is converted into aggressive mini blade which is always finds a target for attack and always gets right on target. The first and each subsequent blade always attacks randomly. And if there are a lot of enemies around, one soldier can not be touched, especially if a lot of vehicles around. Max damage 1000 (damage 2000 if use both blades, both charges). You can use the new charge only after the previous one has completely melted. Owner does not receive damage from this weapon, because super weapon attacks all around, but not his. He should control the damage around, becouse enemy can run away from weapon attack or try to kill owner, because the attack will work in almost 7 seconds. Each mini blade looks like thin blade claw coming out of the blade (relative number of the segment) and touch enemy once, cause 50 damage. While primary fire is active owner can not switch weapons, use hooverboard (but can use teleport) or vehicles. Or using this actions automatically cancel the primary attack.

    Alt. fire - press once alt. fire button and owner uses super weapon as a javelin. But he does not throw it, and looks like a shot or self departing blade forward. Owner points ahead if there are 2 charges and points agead raising over (or pressed to the chest side, where there is no blade) if there is only one charge (one blade). This javelin flies in an arc far enough and fast, but use 4 segments (that explode from handlegrip) to activate the attack, activate projectile fly. 800 damage in at the point of landing (1600 for 2 charges). This damage is applied immediately. If the target has absorbed all the damage the javelin disappear, but if most likely target has not so much HP, the javelin destroys the target completely and flies on until javelin stuck to the surface of. This spear flies in an arc and you can get the enemy behind a small wall, if possible. Can be used alt. fire while active primary fire atack, but then the primary fire action automatically ends and the first blade immediately melts. The first randomly attack segment in alt. fire is one that does not start from the beginning, start from end (near handlegrip) becouse javelin fly forward and hit surface by the first segment (which attack first if use primary fire attack, but not alt. fire). One javelin can take full one titan HP, and 2 javelins can take one bigger titan HP, but will be used all charges. It is hardly possible to bring down flying spear or reduce the number of its segments attacking it. Likely this spears is indestructible, unlike redeemer missile and if it is possible to do, enemy attack just reduces the number of segments of javelin (making it weaker in flight but not on the ground).

    Additional effects 1 for alt. fire javelin. Till the javelin flies through the air it causes 2 attack per second (2 mini charges per second) in a radius equal to 1/8 of redeemer radius, but only if javelin found enemy targets. The enemy (or enemy vehicle/object), which flew past the javelin may receive damage 50-100 (or even 150 if enemy has big size and few enemies on the javelin way). Mini charges attacks are always random. If in flight the javelin used for random attacks 1-3 segments at the point of contact with the main enemy the javelin will cause 650-750 damage (but not 800). When javelin start fly it still remembers the owner some seconds.

    Additional effects 2 for alt. fire javelin. When the spear stuck in solid surface and has 1 of more segments the blade begins to melt (but not after attack), but much slower 1 segment per second (a maximum of 16 seconds, 50 damage per second, 800 damage max). It also has AOE damage, but now radius smaller and has just 1/3 (or 1/3+) of redeemer AOE size (instead of 1/2+ redeemer primary fire AOE) and attack just 50 damage per second in AOE radius in surface and can not be moved. This damage can cause damage to the owner (because the blade is not in handlegrip and does not determine the owner). In theory owner can "hold" 32 seconds some AOE area on map usind both lacerator super weapon charges. Using both javelins in one place "hold" this place ~16 seconds but cause 100 damage per second instead of 50 or cover bigger area size.

    Additional effects 3 for alt. fire javelin-spear in surface. Stuck in the surface and attack 50 damage per second, spear an active blade and any enemy which will stand on the blade gets 100 additional damage per second (but blade also use additional 1 segment per second and melted faster). But this not work like AOE effect, just like point on surface.

    Probably additional feature for primary and alt. fire attack (not for javelin in air but for spear and mini blades and random attack in air). Every mini blades (segments) attack cause additional damage to one driver in vehicle (piercing vehicles), but damage is weak 10 damage per one segment, 30 damage per second for primary fire and 10 for alt. fire spear stuck in surface or air but not for javelin in air. And this weapon can easier stop vehicles with one driver, but vehicles with 2 or more drivers are more resistant to these weapon.

    Passive attack that work continuously. Lacerator as 2 blades weapon has passive attack. Owner use it and a two sided sword when the weapon is selected and not used to primary of alt. fire attack. No need to press a special button. When the one tap dodge button is pressed forward (one long single dodge jump is activated) and selected a forward only jump direction, the owner at this point puts the weapon in front of the hand and do one tap dodge jump with this weapon in hand. He always use this weapon in hand with one tap dodge forward action and cause 100 damage left and right and 50 damage in the center (very close as impact hammer in UT3). Damage in the center not use segments and always cause 50 damage, but one left or right touch use 1 segment of the first left blade or of the second right blade. In theory owner can do 4000 damage if there is a very long blade attack each object, but this is unlikely possible (attack is made once in one tap dodge, even if attack large vehicles). If one of blades has only 4 or less mini chargas (segments) alt. fire can not be used, becouse it use 4 segments for activation. Kill enemy animation fits this kind of passive attack. The only limitation of one tap dodge with this weapon in hand the owner can not change wile use one tap dodge the rotation angle of the camera, and always looking forward straight. In other movements of the spear does not attack enemies and not attack if use one tap dodge with this weapon not in forward direction, becouse in hands this weapon is folded in half and only in primary or alt. fire attack or using one tap dodge forward the weapon has full-length look. Its all like scorpion vehicle blades from UT3 but gradually destroyed. If there is not one blade, that side does not attack, if there are not both blades and there was only one handlegrip owner automatically thrown weapon and there is not 50 damage in front of one tap dodge jump.

    Passive attack with one tap dodge not use while primary or alt. fire active/activated.

    Weapon automatically thrown out if there are no both blades. Using this weapon not change camera view nowhere, its used as weapon but use different animations with weapon in hands. If the enemy killed the owner the weapon falls to the ground and attack stoped and all available segments are melted immediately. Weapon after that lying on the ground with one blade (one charge) or if was used second blade the only handlegrip lying on the ground for a while seconds and disappears, it can not pick up.
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