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Flamethrower? why not?

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    Flamethrower? why not?

    Why has never been throwed around the idea of a flamethrower in the game? or at least a fire based weapon

    Could be a mixture of close range damage and a secondary Area of Denial like incendiary rounds

    I think there may be a place for a low damage, but AoE weapon.
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      I think that the current set of weapons (+) plus ripper weapon (-) minus single GL instead of RL grenades (+) plus one or two new weapons is the maximum necessary for use (besides also use items and superweapons, but it is quite another). Any flamethrower elements can be represented as a battle mod for weapon, flamethrower element for bio rifle or lighting gun maybe. That would be good if gamedesigner, modeller and animator take into account the existence of battle mods for each weapon. Each weapon concept is planned with battle mods inside by default. One button for activation/deactivation battle mod for each weapon (but not for superweapons of course).

      Single flamethrower sounds not good when you consider the diversity of current weapons. It also with ripper shoots only razor blades. But ripper firing difficult to imagine as battle mod of any current weapon.

      Battle mod for each weapon difficult to implement becouse this increases the firing types twice. But on the other hand it does not require unique another type of firing for weapon, battle mod activation can just change some weapon look, but the kind of shooting of weapon is not much different. In Doom 4 machine gun mod shoots missiles, its looks like not strict weapon conception, just additional gameplay conception. But UT weapon conception contains everything (model look, gameplay ability, appropriate ballance, appropriate sound and animations etc). And with battle mod each weapon (even current biorifle) can be used effectively in almost all situations. But make good and interesting ballance with x2 firing types is much difficult, then weapon just have only primary, alt. fire and combo fire. If the game had different classes (not "roles") this battle mod should be represented in the game as part of the graphics and gameworld at least.

      It interesting when you can switch to the desired weapon + press mod button (weapon do some transformations) and fire some another type of current standart shooting.

      Or variant which are much easier to implement and do not make x2 firing types in game. Battle mod has its own additional ammo not related with standard ammo. Just use primary fire button most of all and always use only one type of firing. And work like a machine gun grenade launcher in shooters. But this is not so epic conception as x2 firing types + use more friendly and convenient one ammo type for all in each weapon. This battle mods also used if in theory the game armor has different "physical and energy resistance" or something similar.
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        And if we talk about the other UT weapons, transformation mod for this weapons may looks something like so for example

        First of all Impact hammer and Enforcer are two standard weapons which are given at the start and have not transformation option, just primary, alt. fire and combo attack or better say have not alt. primary fire, alt. secondary fire, alt. combo attack (all it are a transformation mode)

        1) Shock rifle

        Alt. primary fire - energy comet as was in UT99, but the range is not very large, the charge dissipates
        Alt. secondary fire - single energy ball flying in an arc

        No alt. combo

        2) Rocket launcher

        Alt. primary fire - single grenade
        Alt. secondary fire - tripple grenade

        And of course better variant primary fire - single rocket, secondary fire - single grenade + tripple rockets/grenades use combo attack and

        Alt. primary fire - single guided missile (which becomes avril versus vehicles)
        Alt. secondary fire - sindle mine, maximum 3 active mines for one player

        No alt. combo attack or tripple guided missiles/mines combo attack

        3) Flak

        Alt. primary fire - attack with small blades stuck in the surface (as previous stinger alt. fire)
        Alt. secondary fire - rolling on the ground mineral bomb (as current bio rifle combo fire sliding along the ground) and detonate it after second pressing

        4) Link

        Alt. primary fire - shooting in one surface point and the longer the attack at this point of the a stronger explosion (aoe) + the longer the attack at this point of the blast will start in a longer time after the cessation of shooting (energy heating of the surface). But slower than primary fire
        Alt. secondary fire - single energy green long ray that bounces off surfaces a couple of times

        Combo fire some kind of spiral energy in air as variant but need not necessarily

        5) Stinger

        Alt. primary fire - harvested quick series of shots (as cicada alt. fire in UT3) in an amount greater than single flak shot
        Alt. secondary fire - single projectile + weaker fragments reaching behind him (I wrote about this in another topic) tight continuous fire

        6) Bio rifle

        Alt. primary fire - aimed fast slime shot or some kind of frosty attack reaction as opposed to next alt. secondary fire
        Alt. secondary fire - some kind of flamethrower form the first post the weapon ignite this substance

        7) Sniper rifle

        Alt. primary fire - if primary fire shot 60-65 direct almost instantaneous bullet with trace, alt .primary fire shot this bullet as reactive mini rocket which is gaining speed and strength gradually from 45 to 120 (not to mention headshot ability) depending on the distance. Projectile flies in an arc and it has a greater delay in the beginning, but does not trail in the air. To get at the enemy is much more difficult, but damage much greater and the same rate of fire as primary fire shooting.

        Alt. secondary fire - zoom to this shooting alt. orimary fire mode + perhaps the vision of invisible enemies

        Here gameplay video from Venom Codename: Outbreak game. Game one period to UT99

        In this game soldier has one weapon in hand but it shot differrent projectiles and use different ammo - rockets, energy, bullets etc, and weapon do some basic transformations. I'm talking about that, but about transformation that is looks more complex for each weapon and weapon transformation fire suit to the concept of weapon, where rocket launcher not shot energy beam and shock rifle not shot rockets of course.
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          Transforming guns are difficult to do, mostly when you want to make those transformations believable and if the gun hosts a lot of functions.
          In certain games this was made in order to have some kind of realistic role play (because you carry only one gun) while having at the same time a lot of weapons at the same time.
          For me a multigun is nice but at the same time there is a thing about it that can render it too versatile making the other weapons less useful.
          Also most games featuring this sort of weapon are mostly a combination of very standard weapons into one.
          I liked this game and I love transforming guns, but in UT the best is about finding a good compromise between functionality and weapon versatility while also keeping a proper role for each of them.
          Most transforming guns is a lot make a weapon that does everything, oh sure the weapon won't fit all the situations with one mode, but it's more the fact you grab more than probably 5 - 6 guns at once while getting an other weapon in UT is about 1 to 3

          Though I think carrying the concept of multiguns there is possibilities such as putting a fire mode button to each UT gun engendering small transformations and making the weapons getting fire patterns and functions derived from the projectiles they shoot
          As for ammo types, it can either be part of that transforming element or be something separate, though a lot of creativity can be put here.

          I don't think this idea will ever carry in the official game, but as mod, it has its chances IMO

          Though IMO if I threw my concepts here it would be

          Hammer with changing modes which will include the translocator and a grapple launcher
          Enforcer being about ammo swap
          Bio Rifle being about ammo swap (flame, cryo)
          Ripper being about ammo swap (stinger crystals, drilling)
          Flak cannon being about ammo swap (cannon balls, nailer)
          Minigun being about changing modes (changing its fire patterns)
          Shock rifle being about changing modes (ricochet, multiring)
          Pulse gun being about changing modes (lightning, laser)
          Sniper rifle about changing modes (AR with multiplex, shotgun with triple attack)
          Rocket launcher being about changing modes (shotgun, MRL, grenades, laser guidance)
          Redeemer being about changing modes (nuke projector (throwing nuclear materials forward while being in chain reaction/throwing an irradiating nuke with small radiating explosion), cluster mode)

          Hoping my little contribution will serve at something good and creative.


            I think if anything there should be another hitscan type weapon.


              Well what kind of fire pattern, functionality and role you would like that said weapon to have, because UT has options, though to me projectiles are kind of more interesting due to the nature of predicting shots.