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    Maybe lumps have radiation. Many lumps form radioactive mycelium.

    If touch the radiation field, 10 touch damage of each lump radiation area and 10 damage per second while standing in the radiating area. But the lumps do not slip at one point, or pass a small distance, do not slide continuously for the enemy. Each clump is destroyed separately. But rocket launcher can destroy a few lumps. Perhaps the more lump the more radiation area,radiation area damage does not increase. Radiation does not much glow in the dark. Or radiation field almost invisible (only some particles in air).

    Attacking the enemy using biorifle can miss, but cause small damage in air or ground, becouse radiation activated with each shot. Using combo moving small lumps have small radiation area.
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      Originally posted by Andriushka View Post
      Maybe lumps have radiation. Many lumps form radioactive mycelium.

      If touch the radiation field, 10 touch damage and 10 damage per second while standing in the radiating area. But the lumps do not slip at one point only if he touched the lump. Each clump is destroyed separately. But rocket launcher can destroy a few lumps. Perhaps the more lump the more radiation area.
      I like this idea, they could emit some sort of glow that indicates the damage radius. It will also make it harder to accidentally step into them, both because they're more visible and because you get hurt before you get close enough for it to explode.
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        And for the currend bio rifle alt. fire. Maybe if hold the alt. fire button and click the primary fire button, the big ball disclosed and from it popping up on several standart sliding balls and if hold the primary fire button in this moment the combo fire continue to attack. The number of sliding small balls depending on the big bio ball size. For combo, can use primary fire + alt. fire and alt. fire + primary fire with almost the same shot.
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          the weapon doesnt shoot its goo fast and far enough , making it almost useless .


            It may be better if remove these features

            1) Hold fire button to increase the ball size
            2) All and each bio rifle balls on the ground pursuit the enemy when he touches them
            3) Sliding along the ground small balls when use combo attack
            4) Big bio ball network and bio chains
            5) Any solid grenades elements
            6) Poison gas element

            And if collect a lot together to do something like this

            Primary fire when press or hold primary fire button - single fast toxic spit. Much faster fly then bio bal in air. Range slightly below average. Looks like a horizontal oval-line. Small horizontal aoe, and no vertical aoe. This toxic shot causes 30 touch damage. When the shot touched the surface, or the enemy, around spreading poisonous liquid on ground and on walls. If hit the enemy, enemy will receive 5 damage per second. Lasts 6 seconds (maximal one shot damage 30 + 30). Poisonous slime on the ground also causes 5 damage anyone who comes to it. But in this case the enemy does not take additional 5 per second damage, only 5 per second damage when stand on this poisonous slime. 30 + 30 is only if the enemy got a shot, but do not come after the shot and stand on it, in this case the enemy will only receive 5 damage per second (6 seconds) standing on poisonous slime. 1 state - shot (+ effect per second) 2 state - poisonous slime on surface in place of the hit. Poisoned by shooting the enemy does not spread poison on the surface of the course. Shot like a spit in the point and formed poisonous slime duration 6 seconds. If hit the enemy twice, the effect does not accumulate, but restores the 6 seconds duration. Also poisonous slime on the surface. Poisonous slime also lies on the surface of the water. However, the poisoned enemy, which will go into the water, washes off his poison 6 seconds effect. Hoverboard does not touch poisonous slime on surface, but touch bio rifle balls on ground if not jump. Poisonous slime has much bigger size then bio rifle ball but will not move. It is very difficult to get two enemies at once in the air, but it is possible, if the enemies are very close. Use 1 ammo.

            Alt. fire when press alt. fire button - one single bio ball. The same slow, but a bit bigger in size then current bio rifle ball. Also use 1 ammo. Flying range is two times higher than the primary toxic spit. If hold alt. fire button - the bio balls are constantly emitted from the weapon, as rocket launcher now. The ball is not increased in size and can not prepare and hold the attack with a large bio ball. One ball causes 50 touch damage. Also, around the ball there is a poisonemission in air and on the surface. This emission causes also 5 damage per second in air and on the ground. It is easy to cause little damage to the enemy, but harder to get the ball hit. Bio ball on surface duration in 12 seconds (in theory maximum 60 damage if enemy stand in this emission). When a ball is on the surface it has a standard size, there are only 4 ball sizes on the surface - 50-100-150-200 damage. If shoot a ball a second time, the ball will increase and restore 12 seconds duration. The maximum size of up to X4. If an enemy touches the ball (but not poison emission), the ball explodes and enemy will get damage, but the balls around will not pursue the enemy. Each ball has its own HP 50-100-150-200. To destroy the ball - need to causes this amount of damage otherwise the ball will active. When the shells fall into the ball and ball still active - fly spray and the liquid oozes out of the ball.

            Combo attack - if primary fast toxic spit shot alt. bio rifle ball - the ball on the surface froth, boil and begins the pursue of the nearest enemy (or maybe any target). Simple as now, but will pursue only those balls that are sprayed toxic spit, that are lie in this toxic poisonous slime. In this moment the balls are fully reduced their HP (but not duration time), but only once. Probably better if large X2-X4 ball is divided into 2-4 standart balls and persuit the enemies in random order, because a largest pursuing ball does not look good. But if the enemy is only one, all the bio rifle balls come after him. Better if there are only standart pursuing balls on ground. And a sliding effect manifests itself only in this combo attack not in special primary + alt. fire hold combo as now. The maximum length of pursuit slightly below average (and no more then 12 seconds). Combo attack do not use extra ammo. If shoot alt. fire ball in post primary fire 6 seconds poisonous slime which is still active the bio ball also will attack the enemy. Combo works in reverse also but primary fire range twice shorter then alt. fire range (combo has more defend then attack range).

            If the enemy with his bio rifle gun shot the ball on ground he activates a ball as its. As shock rifle sphere.
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