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    Created topic about flame gun changes


      Originally posted by Andriushka View Post
      Created topic about flame gun changes
      Why a new thread in the same subforum? Do you want something entirely different?

      Originally posted by FPSYX View Post
      So, I worked on it a bit more, and changed the alt-fire. The idea is now that it behaves more like a rocket engine. Both main and alt are based on fuel expulsion, but nozzle-width/pressure changes depending on the type of fire mode you trigger.
      That way it might be more coherent, while retaining that mix of area damage / traversal tool I wanted to bring with that weapon idea.
      (The capsule ejection backward boost could still be a 3rd option, for instance if both left/right mouse button are pressed simultaneously.)

      I did a fairly quick prototyping of it :

      Possible uses :
      1) Vertical "take off"
      2) Arc movement
      3) Arc movement over large gaps
      4) "Bunny hopping"
      5) Horizontal, on the ground (in the video it gives about the same velocity as normal running; if you are running, your speed would be further increased)
      6) Avoid fall damage

      + 1 extra clip with infinite fuel... because it's kinda fun to use

      If you want to give it a try, here's the (really rough) prototype :

      That being said, I'll leave it at that. If anyone wants to pick it up, please feel free to do so. And thanks to everybody for the input.
      IMHO the gun should work much like a jetpack in terms of acceleration, except for the obviously different direction of force. I don't quite like the way you can stop with an extremely short burst, yet you don't gain much upward speed when activating it for a longer duration.
      With this kind of utility functionality it's probably more comparable to the impact hammer than to other weapons. I mean, the idea is good, but the way the weapon works may make it difficult to integrate into the general game flow.
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        Yes we need a flame thrower but make it start fires as the alt fire probably.. the jump is in the rocket launcer and hopefully the web in the bio rifle