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The Flame-Jump Gun

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    This weapon is awesome, a flame thrower should fit right in with a new updated game play. The ability to use the weapon to get around the map adds massive depth to it.

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    I like the idea, sounds like a Bio-Rifle and Flak Cannon mix, with minimal function overlap, and the "Ammo as alt-fire" sounds fun and new. My only complaint is about the canister's speed (I think it could be faster) and about no self-damage. Sounds pretty unfair to me.

    Let's take an example: There are some enemies charging at you and you got a loaded Dragon and there's a platform above them. The sollution is quite exploitative, as you grenade-jump to that platform recieving no damage at all, as you damage your enemies.

    Doing both changes, I'm think it'll be a great addition

    PS: May I suggest a name? Firebreath.

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  • started a poll The Flame-Jump Gun

    The Flame-Jump Gun

    It seems like a good combination of main and alt fire.
    I like the flamethrowing but not the jump part.
    The jump is interesting, but not the flamethrowing.
    I don't like it at all.

    The Flame-Jump Gun
    aka "The Dragon" Borne on the fiery winds of explosions

    Fire : flamethrower, creates a fire damage volume.
    Alt Fire : eject the fuel canister, deploy a shield, detonate the canister and ride the shockwave with a massive backward velocity boost - everyone in the damage radius receives splash damage, except the player.

    Ammo cost
    Fire : Consumes ammo linearly.
    Alt Fire : All ammo is consumed in a single shot.

    Alt Fire : The strength of the velocity boost and the splash damage from the explosion is proportional to the ammo count when triggered.

    The weapon is close range, but somewhat alleviates that risk by allowing the user a quick extraction from danger with alt fire. While powerful, that alt fire is a double-edged sword : when you trigger it, you have to aim with you mind's eye (for the advanced players) or blind luck (for the new users). And all your ammo is depleted, so you better be sure you want to take that shot!
    The traversal aspect of this weapon is also meant as a bit of help for new players, to have a chance at reaching those difficult to get to places... Meanwhile, the advanced players could most likely work it into a strategic use.

    As you can see in the video, I got the basic functionality of both fire modes implemented, but still need to figure out how to apply damage correctly for both. The main fire mode currently releases expanding damage volumes, but they do not match the path of the particles.
    There's also the challenge of replicating the fire trail over the net. The way I currently imagine it is attaching my expanding damage volumes (which are replicated) to every one out of x particles. That'd seem to be a fairly good approximation of the actual trail. I tried to look around the docs and forums but couldn't find out if attaching a blueprint/actor to a specific particle is possible. Maybe someone around here knows?

    As soon as I get the damage in the right direction (even if I can't get the particle attach thing working, I'll find something else), I'll of course share this with you all, so you can have a go at it.

    Well, what do you think?


    A bit of a disclaimer : I'm not much of an competitive gunplay player, and my last actual UT match must have been some ten years ago. But I've been experimenting with the UE for a while now, and thought this new UT was the perfect opportunity to learn while doing. So I'm kind of approaching this from more of a design perspective than an actual player one, but might right off the mark.