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Zoh's Rocket Launcher Mutator

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    Zoh's Rocket Launcher Mutator

    New topic for all my mutators
    Last edited by Zoh; 06-28-2017, 02:35 PM.

    Add direct hit - 90 dmg.


      I don't really like the idea of reducing damage for tri rockets because it dos not make sense for the weapon and consistency, player will expect 3 rockets to do the damage of 3 rockets. But I do understand nerfing the damage but I think it is a bad move for bringing in new players since the weapon does not behave as expected. I think changing the behavior of the rockets when firing off 3 is the better way to go than reducing damage but it is difficult to come up with idea that make sense to the player.

      I was recently thinking about this:

      Dual rockets works as is now for a total 200 damage.

      Triple Rockets launches in a triangular pattern and produces a field within the three points that are the rockects. The field could do say 150 damage, gradually deal damage while pushing the target away, inflict some kind of effect, or act as a defense barrier. After a certain distance of travel the field would break down and the rockets could continue on their path or drop where they are then explode. Or if the field is a defense barrier the rocket could stop very early in flight and hover in the air maintaining the barrier for a little while.

      But again those ideas would likely be unexpected behavior for the weapon unless alt fire single and dual rocket had different behavior from primary fire as well.

      I have come up with anther idea for alt fire.

      Alt fire rocket instead of acting normally would release a gas cloud as they fly, after they run out of gas they detonate the cloud or the gas could explode after a set time and explode gradually through the cloud. Maybe the gas could have an explosion triggered early by Link gun shaft beam.

      The potentially large area of affect of this idea could be quite handy in the siege game mode. And it would not have inconsistent weapon behavior. It would be pretty flashy too.
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